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Hobbies That Can Make You An Early Sleeper!

Eating 2 hours before bedtime can make you an early sleeper!
Tips to Sleep Early

It is said ‘Early bird gets the worm’, and we believe it to be a true saying! To wake up early, it is more important to sleep early. A human body requires 7-9 hours of sleep every 24 hours, while a pregnant woman might need more than usual. 

Sleeping early may not be something that comes naturally. You may need to work your way into falling asleep sooner than you do normally. Try incorporating these hobbies into your life and see the difference! 

Make Reading A Daily Habit

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Reading is said to improve an individual’s focus and concentration levels. This hobby can also help you improve your memory. 

There are beliefs of reading has a good cause on your mental health and give you a longer life. This hobby will help you fight against insomnia as reported by a 2009 study from the University of Sussex that suggests six minutes of reading reduces stress by 68%, thus clearing the mind and readying the body for sleep.

Tip- You can keep a book on your side table which will remind you to give a read before going to sleep!

Enough Physical Exercise Throughout The Day

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Exercise is always a good choice. It will give your body stamina to retain throughout the day. Being physically active can help you lead a healthier and happier life. People who exercise regularly have a lower risk of developing many long-term (chronic) conditions, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and some cancers as per NHS. 

You can opt for activities like jogging, zumba, gymming, or dancing as your rescue. Different exercises can help you keep your interest in the same place for a longer time. 

Tip- To push yourself into working out, you can set an alarm or a reminder every day for the same time so that you can actually hit the gym or your brisk walking

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Avoid Using Phone Or Screens 1 Hour Before Bedtime 

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We use our cell phones for almost everything now. From office work to casually chatting with friends, a cell phone seems like a must. People of all ages have been glued to this small magical box, for hours at a stretch. 

Being on-screen continuously may be one reason for your insomnia. The blue light emitted by your cell phone screen hinders the production of melatonin, the hormone that controls your sleep-wake cycle. This makes it even more difficult for you to fall asleep and wake up on time the next day.

You should ideally stop using a screen 1 hour before you plan on going to sleep. Quit the movie you were watching or the conversation you were having with friends. 

Tip- Have a sleep schedule on your phone which will let you know 1 hour before bedtime! 

Eat 2 Hours Before Sleeping 

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Many of us are used to binge eating at the night. But it is not healthy to eat right before you plan on going to sleep. You should ideally give a 2-3 hour gap between your meal and sleep to ensure a good sleep. 

The 2-3 hour gap will allow your body to digest the food before you fall asleep as your body only carries the process of breathing while you sleep. The digestion system stops functioning as you sleep, leaving the food in the stomach overnight. 

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Use Essentials Oils

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For people who deal with anxiety, essential oils are a good hack to live a peaceful life. Essential oils help you feel calm and composed when feeling anxious. 

You can use a droplet or two of your favourite essential oil on your pillow before sleeping as the oil will give your brain the calmness it desires. You can also use dispensers that could go on for the entire day in your room. They also have a good fragrance, that could leave you with a pleasing environment to be in. 

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