Essential oils these days are well known and used by many for different purposes. These oils are stimulants that work on our stress, colds and many other issues that people are still discovering. Essential oils are the purest form of all flowers, leaves and other plants. One such essential oil is Ho Wood. This is Cinnamomum camphora var linalool, which is steam that has been distilled from bark and wood of the same tree from which we also get Ravintsara Essential Oil.

Ho Wood is a potent source of natural linalol that is found in any steam distilled essential oil. However, there are many oils that are distilled from Cinnamomum camphora, therefore do not forget to double-check the chemotype when you are exploring Ho Wood Oil as described in this profile.

Ho Wood oil is considered a "peaceful" oil. It is said to be very calming and it is when you need to unwind or relax. In an aromatic sense, this essential oil is fragrant wood oil. This oil is very similar to rosewood oil. Since rosewood oil is endangered, it serves as a suitable aromatic substitute for its essential oil in some applications.

The part of the plant used to make this oil includes bark, twigs, sometimes leaves and wood. The oil is clear in colour and in the perfumery note pyramid it comes in the middle. It smells fresh, woody and sweet with subtle notes of floral. 

Ho wood Essential Oil Health Benefits 

Menstrual Cramps

menstrual ho

You can use this oil by mixing it in some carrier oil and massage it on your stomach to relieve yourself from the pain of menstrual cramps. 


If you have fallen prey to the changing weather and have a cold or flu then this oil is said to be very helpful due to its aroma. 

Cuts & Wounds

Many times when we are cutting vegetables we tend to harm ourselves in the process and those tiny cuts become very stingy. So treat that mix the oil with a carrier oil and apply it. You can first use a bandage as well and the next day apply the oil. 

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acne ho

This is one major skin issue which can be a huge problem for many. It is said that Ho wood essential oil is very useful in treating this. 

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Anxiety & Stress

stress ho

These days the stress in society has become a major issue and it is pushing individuals to ends that we do not want anyone to get into. Even anxiety is something that is affecting many people and the ratio is increasing by the day. There are many ways to treat it but if you are using aromatherapy or are ready to give it a try then do burn an incense oil lamp with a few drops of this oil and water. The aroma may just help you calm down and uplift your mood. 

Do consult your doctor before using any natural product as these things have different effects on different people. Buy the oil from a trusted source as these days duplicacy is big. 

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