Many women face this situation in their life where they have missed their periods and have also gotten a negative pregnancy test. This is something that many women overlook and take lightly. Doctors have always said to get it checked as soon as possible and not keep postponing a visit to the doctor.

Dr. Sangeeta Gomes, Consultant Gynaecology, Motherhood Hospitals Bengaluru, told HerZindagi that "many questions have been raised about the issue on ‘Why have I missed my period?’, ‘Am I pregnant?’. Of course, pregnancy could be the reason why one’s period is absent or delayed, especially if one is sexually active. However, there are other reasons why one might have a late or absent period."

Here are a few reasons shared by Dr. Gomes on why one should not ignore missed periods.


stress missed periods

Stress can affect many functions in our body including periods. Stress boosts levels of the stress hormone called ‘glucocorticoid’. An increase in these hormones may subsequently inhibit ovulation. Sometimes the stress that one undergoes increases to the point where one’s periods might stop altogether.

Change In Schedules

Sudden change in schedules can really throw your menstrual cycle out of whack. This is particularly very relevant for women who work in shifts.

Sudden Illness

A sudden short or long illness can cause your periods to be delayed. This is usually a temporary thing, but you should discuss with your gynecologist about when they will regulate again.


overweight missed periods

Being overweight plays a big role in one’s periods of being absent or irregular. Obese women carrying extra fat cells may have an impact on estrogen levels. Extra levels of estrogen created by the fat cells might cause bleeding or menstrual disorders and a women may go months without ovulating. Most women will experience normal cycles once they have lost a little weight.


Being underweight can also cause absent or delayed periods.


thyroid missed period

This is a gland that is found in our throat, and it regulates bodily functions like metabolism, growth, and development of the body, digestive functions, etc. Thyroid has an effect on the menstrual cycle as it is mainly a hormone producer and the issue with absent or delayed periods is often due to an imbalance in specific hormones that regulate ovulation.


Many medications can impact your periods and lead to delayed or absent periods. Medications such as blood pressure pills, anti-depressants, and even anti-biotics may impact your menses. One must talk to their gynecologist about any side effects. Irregular cycles can be common among women taking birth control pills. If you plan to change medications, ask your gynecologist what impact it may have on your cycle.

Excessive Exercise

This might cause period irregularities. You may see spots, intermittent bleeding, or completely absent periods.


This is the time when one is transitioning from being reproductive to being non-reproductive. At this time your periods may be erratic and not normal.


This is the time when one has stopped ovulating altogether. Menopause is extremely natural and has nothing to be worried about.

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Tuberculosis and diabetes may also cause a woman to see irregular periods.


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is one of the most common reasons why a woman experiences absent or irregular periods. This is a medical condition where one has more follicles in the ovary and is caused due to imbalance in the hormones.

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Missed periods with negative pregnancy tests may have many medical and health implications and it should not be ignored. If ignored it can cause life-long problems like infertility. So, go see your gynecologist if you experience absent or irregular periods.

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