Before giving the tips, keep this in mind that drinking is neither a necessity nor something you should do under peer pressure. Drink alcohol only if you feel like, ALWAYS! In case you have not had alcohol before but want to try it then there are a few tips you must keep in mind. Scroll down find out and remember. 

Picking The Right One

slow drink

Instead of hitting the big numbers, it is best to begin with the light ones which are low in alcohol volume. Start with cocktails as they are a combination of sweetness, juices and other flavours as well. For beginners, shaken drinks are the best. However, you must remember to sip on them slowly as the sugary syrups camouflage the flavour of alcohol and you tend to drink them faster which may not be a good idea in the beginning. 

Step 1: Eat & Step 2: Drink!

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Never drink on an empty stomach is the first rule. If you haven't eaten anything then the alcohol will hit you fast. Alcohol enters our bloodstream quickly then. If there is food, alcohol will take longer to break down. The best food to have is protein rich food as that takes longer to digest. You can even go for the conventional 'chakna' of nuts.

Take It Slow

slow drinks

People are asking you to do a bottoms-up, DO NOT FALL FOR IT unless you know you can take it and have alcohol a couple of times. Drink slowly and savour your drink. Enjoy it not finish it!

Saying No


Never fall for that peer pressure or boyfriend pressure. You do not want to have more than one drink, it is absolutely fine. There is no rule. You must drink in moderation as we want a happy high and not a drunk scene where you loosen up a bit too much that you do things you regret or having a piercing hangover the next day. 200 ml wine, 60 ml spirit, and 500 ml beer is a broad limit.

Water Please

water drinks

It does not matter what are you drinking, have water in the midst of it. You will feel dehydrated due to alcohol so drink water. 

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Eat Before Sleeping

Don't just crash after coming back from a party. Let the alcohol run out. Have water or chilled milk with some jaggery before you sleep. But keep some time difference between the last drink and the consumption of milk. The next morning, have some more water. 

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With the festive season on, drinking may become a part of your checklist this time so keep these tips in mind. 

Have a happy festive time and do not drink and drive. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more such tips.