We come in all shapes and sizes and are proud of it too. But have you ever wondered if you could know how to stay fit as per your body shape. Our body shapes differ because of our metabolism and the weight distribution that occurs because of it. So some people may have more fat accumulation around the hips while others may have stubborn love handles. But it is completely possible to have a diet and workout that works especially for your body type. Wondering about this, we talked to Dr Simran Saini who works in the Diets Department of the Fortis Group of Hospitals and is a successful weight loss consultant as well. She shared her insights on how body weight distribution differs as per body shape, what to eat according to that and the best workouts as per body shape.

Apple Shaped Body

apple shaped body woman

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This type normally carries extra weight around the abdominal area. This is called visceral fat and it goes quite deep under the skin and sticks around the organs. This is why people with apple-shaped body have a higher risk of various health issues. 

What it means: Higher risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, cognitive decline, anxiety and osteoporosis 

Health Tip: The solution is having a balanced diet and cardio workout — both healthy lifestyle habits that should become everyday habits.

Pear-Shaped Body

pear shape body woman

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This type of body tends to store more weight mainly around hips, butt, and thighs. Although it is healthier than having fat store entirely in the abdomen, without weight management, people with pear-shaped bodies may eventually gain the extra weight around waistline and abdomen.

What it means: Lower risk of heart disease, especially for women. Curvy hips and thighs provide less risk factor for diabetes and heart disease. Pear-shaped women have a lower risk of osteoporosis.

Health Tip: The solution to this weight gain is regular cardio exercise, resistance training for the upper body and a balanced diet.

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Hourglass Shape Body

This type of figure on women is considered by many to be the most attractive. The people with this type of body are lucky to have this shape and only need to worry about not gaining an unhealthy amount of extra weight.

What it means: Lower risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, gallbladder and kidney disease, certain cancers, greater stress resistance and lower levels of depression.

Health Tip: Full-body training, such as circuit training along with occasional cardio will certainly help.

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Inverted Pyramid Shape

Often called the swimmer’s body, this type has a top-heavy shape. This means that the hips are narrower than the shoulders which fall in a fairly squared and the waist is slightly curved.

What it means: People with Inverted Pyramid Shape have a good metabolism and don’t put on weight easily. But they are at risk of developing osteoporosis.

Health Tip: You should work out to build up your bottom half i.e. focus on your thighs and buttocks. So squatting, lunging and stepping can make your lower body and core strong. Do this along with some high-intensity cardio.

Rectangle Shape

Also called straight body shape, ruler or banana the, people having a rectangle shape body have a proportionate body but carry some weight around midriff.

What it means: Such people have higher metabolism and don’t gain weight easily

Health Tip: People with rectangle body shape should eat in moderation and focus on strength training of shoulders and lower body muscles. Strength training to build some muscles is recommended for such body shapes.

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