Christmas is not far now, but is the thought of not being able to celebrate it with full might, troubling you? If yes, then be troubled no more because Christmas is the time to rejoice and spread love, so to make this Christmas full of joy and fun, here are some ideas that you can use to celebrate this festival even amidst the raging Pandemic. Take a look.

Organise An Outdoor Drive-By With Family/Friends

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Amongst the safest way to celebrate your Christmas evening this year ensuring social distancing is to host a drive-by party. You can invite your family and friends in their respective cars to take a stroll around the neighbourhood admiring the magical winter vibes and city lights as you look out of the window, all of that by staying warm and cozy in your car doing something festive.

Implementing this idea will keep your festive spirit alive and at the same time, it'll keep you safe. You can also get some drive-by food along the way or maybe attend a Christmas themed movie night to enter the holiday spirit. You can also consider hosting a Christmas caravan or add a few other activities while the celebration goes on till the night. A drive filled with festive lights, food, celebrations, and the warmth of your family members indeed sounds like a Merry Christmas! Isn't it? Better than virtual parties.

Play Secret Santa Virtually

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Another great idea for a safe Christmas celebration is to organize a secret Santa gift exchange party online while ensuring social distancing where everything is done virtually and gifts are sent out using online delivery platforms such as Amazon, eBay, or Flipkart. Therefore, keeping the festive spirit alive by not breaking the usual tradition of sending out gifts to your loved ones. For those of you who don't know about secret Santa, well, it's a tradition in which members of a community, like a group of friends or family, exchange gifts without revealing the identity of the gift sender. So, the gifts received by the members don't really know who sent them to them i.e. the sender remains anonymous.

This tradition has been followed ever since so we won't let this pandemic get in the way of celebration. What you can do is that you can set up an online forum in which all the members participating in secret Santa can sign up, then, random names can match up in pairs with one sender and receiver each in all groups. You can send out a notification to each person participating with the name and address of the person they have to send out gifts to. Finally, you and them can place gift orders for your loved ones using online retail stores keeping your identity anonymous and they'll deliver your gifts to the receiver at their homes ensuring social distancing norms and no contact delivery. This way you can be worry-free about the safety of your loved ones and they can have a happy Christmas at the same time.

Organise A Party And Movie Night

Arranging a Christmas(Christmas traditions from around the world) party at the time of covid is really tricky but can be carried out as an intimate get together with fewer guests. So, for this, firstly, send out the invitations through emails, or over online messaging platforms, this not only saves paper but makes the entire process more efficient and fast. Make sure to avoid the participation of very small children or elders in the party as they are the most vulnerable at this point in time. Try to organise the party at an open terrace or open backyard for proper ventilation and avoiding any cluster. Then you can go ahead and light up a bonfire to maintain a warm and cozy environment.

Apart from that, make preparations for a warm and healthy meal avoiding too chilled drinks and foods. You can also organise a great movie night for all your family members, under the stars, and watch the movie on the projector. This will fuel a feeling of togetherness and will unite all the hearts together. Use disposable utensils at the party so no one uses the same utensils again. You could also plan a theme for the party and ask your guests to wear masks for a great event. 

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Play Games With Your Family


While you chill inside your homes this Christmas, you can plan a game session with your entire family. Play card games, tombola, dumb charades, or some of your favourite board games. This will bring the whole family together and will give you beautiful memories to think of and laugh later. So, let this Christmas not be boring and miserable, making it super fun and exciting with the above-mentioned ways and enjoy!

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