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    Travelling To Romania For The First Time? Here's Everything You Should Know

    Laced with a deep history and astounding architecture, Romania is a fascinating mosaic of rich cultures and traditional European vibes. Here's more.
    Updated at - 2020-10-15,18:19 IST
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    You must have heard the story of the oldest vampire- Dracula. That legend originated in the southeastern countryside of Europe called Romania. Romania is a mystical land offering a kaleidoscopic view of vivid history and elaborate culture. The forest area of Transylvania is the highlight of this place, as it is filled with dense jungles and a variety of species of animals.

    Not only that, this country is a real paradise for a lot of reasons and words cannot do justice to how immensely beautiful and impeccable this place is. So, if you want to explore new cultures and fan your travel instincts, we are sure, Romania is just the perfect package for you and you might just end up writing a book you’re your experience in Romania. Here’s more to know about Romania before you visit. 

    The Most Vibrant Romanian Culture


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    The Romanian culture is an intriguing amalgamation of Hungarian and Romanian beliefs.  Walachia, Moldavia, and Transylvania have a uniform inclination towards the reflection of Rome's culture whereas A community in Transylvania considers themselves Hungarians and hence follows that culture. Further, The Roma (Gypsies) are spread across the country found mostly in the outskirts. All in all, Romania is known for a fascinatingly kaleidoscopic culture worldwide.

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    Traditional Romanian Architecture


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    Like many other European countries, Romania is also endowed with exquisite and grand architecture.  And lacing the country are many churches, synagogues, castles, and palaces that date back to the 12th century or even before that. Further, Romania is also home to the largest building in the world - the Palace of parliament that is sure to leave you awe-struck.

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    Places To Check Out In Romania


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    By now, we're sure you are totally lured by the idea of traveling to Romania to get a bite of the breath-taking experience. So, if you happen to be in Romania, do check out: Brasov, Painted monasteries, Mamaia, Sinaia, Timisoara, and Bucharest for a variety of experiences, that will teleport you to a living paradise.

    Other Things That You Must Not Miss Out On


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    Engulfed with mountains, Danube Delta, and densely forested areas, Romania is an enchantingly resplendent destination. Apart from the culture, people, and picturesque beauty there's a lot more the country has to offer. The local festivities, black sea beaches, extravagant wildlife, and the luscious delicacies are some of the major reasons to visit Romania. Look out the world at your will but you will never find the perfect blend of everything, anywhere but in Romania. In addition to that, the people are so exceptionally heart-warming and welcoming that you will not feel that you are anywhere away from your own home.

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    Final Travel Tips

    For making payments in the country you should use your card as its safe and one of the widely used payment methods there. It is a relatively cheap destination that offers a great collection of clothing to European souvenirs etc. so you must be careful if someone is trying to charge you more. Further, tipping in Romania is very common and is considered to be a mark of respect to the server so, don’t forget that. Lastly, use Romania’s low-cost flight to be travelling around the place as it is affordable and reliable. So, enjoy it!

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