You don't need to withdraw all your savings for a trip to Europe. Don't know why but many people think that traveling to Europe costs a bomb! It doesn't. If you want to explore the beauty of Europe, you just need some great planning. You need to plan it all if you want to enjoy a Europe trip in a budget. Here are some tips that will help you make a budget Euro-trip plan!

You Don't Need A Travel Agency

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When it comes to planning a trip to Europe most people think of planning it through a travel agency. This is because people think that this will keep their things sorted abroad where there are a lot of barriers. But wait, this means spending all your budget and then seeing those places which the travel agents want you to see rather than exploring things your way. There are very few chances that you are able to do things as per your choice as the tour head will follow the plan given by the agency. 

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Book Tickets On Time

If you want good discounts on international flights, you need to book it at the right time. Airlines keep giving offers and discounts through the year and you need to take advantage of this. Book your ticket during the discount time. Tickets should be done way before your travel, at least three months before. 

Hostels/ BnB Over Hotels And Resorts

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We are not asking you to compromise on your comfort. Hostels and bnb's give good accommodation at a lesser price. You will save a lot of money here and you can use all this for exploring Europe a little more. 

Try Local Food

If you plan to spend all your money fine dining all through your Euro trip then wait. There is nothing like experiencing local food. Local food is delicious, it takes you through the culture of the place and is cheap too. 

Note these tips in your mind and take into consideration while you plan for your Europe trip. Happy travelling!