5 Ways To Revamp Your Home Entryways This Diwali Season

Here are some easy and budget-friendly ways to revamp the entryways of your home this Diwali season.

Poornima Pandey
how to revamp your entry ways m

The entryways of your home say a lot about your abode. And the more aesthetically appealing your entryways are the better your space will look. But we don’t really consider it a very important task to decorate the entryways like we decorate our homes. You should actually decorate and make your entryways look super sophisticated as they further contribute towards making your home look neat, and well maintained. It is almost like a way to cast an impression on someone’s mind who enters your house. And to ensure that the impression is a good one, just follow our easy guide to revamp your entryways in 5 ways that we have specially curated for you this festive season.

Install A Big Mirror And A Bench

how to revamp your entry ways

So, the easiest way to amp up your entryway is to install a big mirror on the entry wall. The mirror will help in reflecting the light falling upon it and this will further make your entryway look brighter. Further, you can also keep a small bench so that one can sit and take off their shoes. Decorate the bench with a bench runner and place a small rug to define your little corner. In addition to that, place a small plant in the corner and you will be done.

Make A Small Seating Area

how to revamp your entry ways

Another easy way to go about decorating your entryway is to add a small bench. However, this should be done only if your entryway is not so big and has space enough only for a small bench. So, install a light bench with shelves below it for storage, where you can keep stuff like your scarves, candles, or other small things. Further, decorate the little space by placing a matching painting, a bigger plant, comfort cushions, and a small foot mat and that'll be it.

Make It The Mirror Wall

how to revamp your entry ways

Mirrors enhance the aesthetics of your space magically. So, you can place a bigger mirror if your space is big or you may also go for a number of smaller mirrors of different designs and sizes, obviously matching your home design. Then further you can place a single-seater, regal-looking sofa(sofas for bedroom) with a comfort cushion. If you have more space then a small coffee table would also add up to space.

Two Benches With Beautiful Paintings

how to revamp your entry ways

If your entryway space is larger then you can carry out this design too. All you have to do is buy two similar benches or seating options like an ottoman, etc, and then picking an accent from it, decorate the entire space. Buy matching lights, a wall clock perhaps, matching paintings, photo frames, cushions, and more. And decorate the entire space neatly with precision. You might also place a runner on the floor and voila!

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Entryway Staircase

how to revamp your entry ways

A lot of our homes open up to staircases but that doesn't mean you can't really decorate them. All you have to do is install a table on the staircase wall and place your favourite hats(types of hats), adventure memoirs a map, or anything that appeals to you. And on the table, you can further place fresh flowers fragrances, candles, and an organizer basket to hold more stuff. Just in case you want to define the place a bit more, you just have to add a rug and there you go!

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