Home decor items are generally very expensive in malls and high-end stores/brands. And those high-priced tags discourage us from shopping to our heart's content. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate your home to make it the epitome of beautiful aesthetics, at least not till we have the Banjara Market to our rescue.

The Banjara market is a street shopping arena where you can find a solution to all your home decor needs. The market is run by the Banjara’s from Rajasthan also called the Nomads, and hence the name. 

The Banjara Market is located near the IILM Institute, Sector 56, in Gurugram, Haryana 122003 and it serves as the perfect paradise for home decor enthusiasts and home designers.  Let us take a look at some of the items that you must buy from this amazing marketplace.

Antiques And Metal Ware


If you are into home designing then you must know how costly antique and metalware items are in branded stores. But here, you will not only find a large variety of such items but they will also not charge you a lot for the products. They might quote the prices higher but if you are someone who is good at bargaining then you are definitely gonna win big at this market. 

The antiques range from wooden items to other materials and may also differ in the type, so, if you have a modern taste you will find articles to interest you and if you have a traditional (how to design a traditional home)taste you will find antiques to suit you too.



Furniture is the most popularly shopped and sold items here in the Banjara market. The market is full of shops with different varieties, colours, types, and designs of furniture that even if you spare a complete day to look out for each item time would fall short.



Nowadays mirrors are very popular with home decor enthusiasts. Mirrors give an illusion of a bigger and more open space and that is why they are very trendy too. Banjara market has no devoid of mirrors too. You will find mirrors of all shapes, designs, and sizes to suit your need. 

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Wooden Showpieces


Needless to say that this market is heaven for someone who loves buying wooden decor pieces for their home. You will find wooden items of all sorts with beautiful carvings and colours and you can grab them at a very great price too. 

Lights And Lanterns


Lights (biggest lights markets in Delhi)and colourful lanterns are something that you should definitely invest in when you are at the Banjara market. The reason being, the exclusive availability and the low prices of extremely beautiful and unique pieces of lights/chandeliers and lanterns.

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Colourful Pots And China Ware

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From pots to mugs and from bowls to glass you will find a great range of chinaware stuff available at the banjara market. These pots and all are also comparatively very cheaper than what they are usually available at. Therefore you must grab a piece or two from here for sure.

Miniature Items

There are lots of miniature items available at this market. And since they are not too expensive you can definitely buy miniature home decor from here. There is a wide range of a lot of things that you can find out once you arrive at the Banjara market, this market is the most amazing place to buy home decor items from even if you are weak at bargaining. So, grab your bags and visit the Banjara market right away!

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So, visit the Bajara market and let us know what you loved there the most. Stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such pieces.

(Image Courtesy: wearegurgaon.com, interiorsinfo.com, dreamstime.com,makehappyfoundation.com)