Valentine's day is a special time to make someone for someone be felt. It is the time to rejoice and make efforts for your partner in order to let them know how much you love them. And perhaps the best way to do so is to express all you have in your heart through words and gestures and for doing that right, we are here to help you out. Here are some of the easiest DIY projects that you can try and make for your partner to make them happy and surprised. Read on to find out more.

Decorative Valentine’s Day Gift

valentines gift

First of all, you can make a decorative piece full of little hearts. Valentine's day is all about beautiful hearts so for making this DIY you will need some dry twigs, glue colourful paper, and hardboard.  Start by drawing a small heart and then tracing it over the colourful paper. Now cut out the hearts from the paper and then move on to the cardboard write 'xoxo' or 'love' the cardboard and stick the rest of coloured sheet over the letters and cut it out. Paste the colourful sheet over the cardboard and let it dry. 

Now stick the hearts on the twigs using the glue and let them dry. Take a tumbler or a kettle, paint it all white and stick the letters you have written on the front of the kettle, place the twigs inside it and you're done!

Valentine’s Day Flip Book

valentines gift

This is another beautiful DIY gifting option for you. All you need is a set of colourful tapes, binding rings and white sheet. You will also need a punching machine to punch the holes in the flipbook. Start by measuring and cutting 52 different pages of a white sheet. Use an edge rounding scissors to make the sharp edges round. Next stick tape bordering each page of the book. 

Now align each page together and then punch the holes in the flipbook and pass the metal binding rings through it.  Finally, write the heading on the front page of the flipbook and mention one reason each on the different pages.

Valentine’s Day Magic Box

valentines gift

This is a very easy gifting option that you can make within half an hour. All you need is a wooden box battery, battery operated fairy lights and chocolates. Start by colouring the box and making it look super beautiful. Now on the inside of the lid of the box, place and stick your pictures with your beau and decorate with fairy lights. Connect the fairy lights with a battery and switch. Finally, fill the box with chocolates and message cards and you'll be done!

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Chocolate Filled DIY Mason Jars

valentines gift

Make these adorable mason jars that will turn your valentine's day around. Collect 3-4 mason jars and wash them properly. Then, measure the size of their lid and paste a circular card with a message on it.  Next decorate the mason jars from the outside using glitter, ribbons and artificial flowers. Once they are ready, fill your jars with handmade chocolates and small messages for your loved one. Place a small gift inside that you wanted to give in one of the jars and a candle in the last.  Tie them all together and celebrate your V day with loads of fun.

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