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    DIY: Decorate Your Home And Make It Even More Appealing With These DIY Projects

    Here are some amazing DIY projects for your home that will add a new life to your homes. Take a look.
    Published -27 Sep 2020, 11:00 ISTUpdated -24 Nov 2021, 17:51 IST
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    We all dream of that perfect home with the best furnishing and décor but cutting to reality, this doesn’t always happen. Given the amount of money that gets used up while buying a house and then making it liveable, there remain no finances for luxuries like décor and matching furnishing. But, until and unless there are beautiful décors in the house, it doesn’t look appealing. So what options do you have left, in that case? Well, there is a very simple answer to it and it’s DIY. 

    Do it yourself projects are the most convenient, affordable, and fun options to save your home spaces from looking dull and boring. Plus, it’s better as it adds a personal touch to the home. So, let’s take a look at some cool and easy DIY projects that everyone can make.

    Decorate A Mirror

    easy diy home decor tips mirror

    Mirrors are the go-to options for enlarging your space instantly. The reflections of the space in front of the mirror give an illusion of a big room. And apart from that. mirrors look chic and elegant. For this DIY (Amazing Ways To Use Glass Bottles) you need old mirrors, in case you don’t have them, buy small inexpensive pieces of mirror that have been discarded from framing shops, etc.

    Now, paste the mirror on a cardboard sheet of the shape of your mirror covering it with a newspaper. Coat the left-over area of the cardboard with gum and decorate with ropes, smaller mirrors or make a marble mosaic and hang on the wall.

    Tree Branch Light

    easy diy home decor tips plants

    This DIY is the most affordable and beautiful because, for this project, all you need is a sturdy tree branch and fairy lights (Fairy Lights Decor Ideas). Clean the tree branch carefully and spray paint it golden or silver, depending on the colour of your room. After the paint dries out, take the fairy lights roll and start wrapping the entire branch with it.

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    Fix the fairy light on to the tree branch with a strong adhesive. Once all that is done, find the perfect spot for your room light and gently place the branch and connect the wires of the light to the socket. Turn on the lights and voila! This light will not only look beautiful but it will add a rustic touch to your homes.

    Family Handprints

    easy diy home decor tips handprints

    Family handprints are something everyone cherishes. It is the symbol of the love and togetherness that the family is comprised of. So, if you want to appreciate the bond between your family members too, let’s get started with this DIY. You will be requiring uniform size canvasses, preferably not too big in size, for each of your family members.

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    Pour some acrylic colour on a plate, press your palm against it and print it onto the canvas without dripping the paint. You can use the same colours as our different colours for each print. Attach a ribbon to the canvas and hang in ascending order of age, side by side on an empty wall.

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    Old Bedsheet DIY

    For this cool DIY, you need your favourite bedsheet that you don’t you anymore. If it’s torn, cut out the edges and patch the torn area with the same fabric. Now wash this bedsheet nicely and iron it.

    Use a big frame to get the whole thing framed or use different small frames and cut the bedsheet into small pieces according to the frame size. Place it on the wall to add that boho vibe to your home.

    For more such DIY ideas and inspirations, stay tuned to Her Zindagi.

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