What is that one thing you love about seating? Perhaps, the look, the design, the comfort they offer and so on. But most of the times our budget doesn’t allow us to buy all in one seating that is both good looking and comfortable, so we all generally settle in for plastic or normal wooden chairs that look good only till the time their new lustre is intact. Once these chairs start getting old, they block the character of the entire space and make the room feel small and devoid of the abstract vibe. 

So, we are here to give you a perfect solution to your problem. In this article, we will tell you about how you can revamp and modify your old normal chairs and transform them into beautiful, regal and comfortable seating. So, read this piece to find out how to go about it.

Cleaning The Chair

DIY Chair

One reason for our old chairs to become absolutely lifeless in the dirt and dust that gets accumulated over it in the course of time. So, the first step is to go ahead take all your chairs to an open space like your terrace or back yard and start cleaning them. From the arms to the back to the legs of the chair, take your time to remove all the dirt from the chairs and then let it dry out in the sun. 

Once all the water has been drained then your chairs are ready for the makeover.

Start By Painting

DIY Chair

Changing the colour of your chairs can help you big time. You might have got the chairs a long time back and now the home designing scenario has changed a lot, colour scheme and the way things are set up nowadays is completely new and vibrant.  To change the colour of the chairs all you have to do is start by painting the chairs white, you can use the spray paints or even use the normal oil paints and cover the chairs with double coats of white paints. Next, go ahead and paint the chairs in your favourite shade, just make sure the colour is in coordination with the background of the room(home decor 2021 trends to check out). 

After the paint is done then let the chairs dry nicely, the process could take a day or two, depending on the climate.

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Preparing A Cushion

A seating cushion is a very important element that makes your chairs feel more regal and comfortable. So measure the seating portion of the chair and take a thick foam sheet, measure it accordingly and cut the foam. Use the foam cushion to mark measurements on the fabric. Now stitch the fabric over the foam sheets and keep the cushion on the seating portion of the chair. Add quirky cushions resting on the back of the chair and there you go. 

DIY Chair

As an alternative, you can also use printed cotton fabric and stick it all over the chair to make a very intricate, designer chair. Although painting the chair and using printed cushions is easier and less time consuming but if you do have the time you can go for the lengthy process and achieve a regal chair set in a low budget.

DIY Chair

Not only that, but you can also use these methods to DIY your old plastic stools and use them as side tables/seating post-makeover.

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