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    Here's How To Make DIY Fabric Jewellery Easily

    Check out some easy DIY options to amp up your outfits and exude in glamour. Take a look at these DIY fabric jewellery projects.
    Published -06 Nov 2020, 15:03 ISTUpdated -16 Dec 2021, 17:28 IST
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    Fabric jewellery is a very modern form of jewellery making that has been developed as an inspiration from the diverse and intricate prints of fabrics. Therefore, not only is this jewellery pretty and unique but it is also very easy to create. So, we thought of giving you some ideas to get even more creative and make your very own fabric jewellery pieces.

    These pieces will add that X factor to your otherwise dull outfits and will also make you look super cool and classy. For making these DIY projects you will be needing fabrics with beautiful and classy prints, fabric glue, and some additional things. Read on to know more.

    Sassy Necklace


    This is a really cool and sassy necklace that you can make using fabric. So for this project, all you need, is fabric glue, a strong string, and a hook to attach at the end of your necklace. We advise you to take a coarse fabric like a matty. Then cut stripes out of the fabric of 1-inch width and 10-inch length and hem the sides of the stripes.

    Further, roll them in a spiral form and keep sticking the rolls with glue just make sure to leave a hole in the center to pass the string. Once you’re done making 5 - 7 beads of fabric then start stringing the beads together. To make your necklace even more attractive, string white pearls alternatively with your fabric beads, and when it’s all done, attach the hooks to complete your DIY project.

    Long Fabric Earrings


    So, to make this DIY, all you will need is two thin strips of cute print fabric and earring hooks. Take the fabric strips and fold them four times. Then slanting the cut, make an open triangle, or rather a trapezium-like cut, using the scissors. Then hem the borders of the fabric strips so that there are no extra strings popping out of the earrings. Once done hemming, attach the hook to the fabric strip by pressing it properly over it.

    The hook will stay sturdy and your earring will thus, have a longer life and more durability. So, match them with your outfits and flaunt your jewellery collection.

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    Triple-Layered Earrings


    These are other very easy DIY earrings that you can don with your outfits and add to the glamour of your attire. For making these earrings, you will be needing a pair of old worn-out studs, three different print fabrics, and small mirror pieces for your studs.  So, start by fixing round-shaped mirrors over the two studs of yours. Then, take the different fabrics(How to dye your old t-shirts) and cut six circles(two from each pattern).

    Next, divide each circle into four equal parts and fold across the lines. You will see a quarter of the circle being formed.  After completing this, you will have 6 quarter circles. Then take three-quarter circles and stick them in different layers using fabric glue, do this for the rest of the pieces too, and finally, attach with the stud using glue again and you will be done.

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    Fabric Flower Ring


    For this DIY project(DIYs for Diwali), you need a needle and a thread along with 6 circles of the same fabric. Fold them into quarter circles pass a thread through the rounder side and make gathers to form petals of the flower, then repeat for all the 6 quarter circles and secure them together with glue. Stick a rhinestone in the center of the flower and an old ring at the backside of the flower. Voila!

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    So, make these DIY projects and stand out amongst your friends. If you liked reading this article then stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such pieces.


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