Heating pads are really great for healing pain and sore muscles. Especially the stiff muscles of the neck and back. The heat is beneficial as it helps in opening up the blood vessels and improving the blood flow of the area. The improved blood flow then helps to ward off the soreness and pain. Not only that, but the increased blood flow also facilitates better oxygen flow in the heated areas and relieves the stress and tension that has been built up in the body.  The heating pads also promote better functioning of several other body parts by reducing muscle spasms and relaxing the ligaments and tendons.

For women, heating pads come in most handy when they are being troubled by period cramps and are also known to cure certain types of urinary tract infections. And lastly, many therapies also make use of heating pads, such as aromatherapy, thermotherapy, etc. While a large variety of these pads are available in the market, they can be made at home very conveniently. Since this is a really great and useful invention, let us take a look at how to prepare one for ourselves using the stuff present at home. So, take a look.

Preparing A Heating Pad

heating pad

Here are three ways to make and use a heating pad they are listed below:

Heating Pad For Belly And Lower Back

heating pad

  • To make a ziplock and towel heating pad all you need is a ziplock and two hand towels. Start by soaking the towels in hot water first, then wring out the water and fold one of the towels to insert it inside the ziplock bag.
  • Remember to leave the seal of the ziplock open. Now take the ziplock with the towel and microwave it on high for about 2 minutes. 
  • After you’re done, take out the ziplock bag from the microwave very carefully as it might be hot at this moment.
  • Then wrap the other towel around the bag and seal the bag. Apply this DIY(DIY fabric jewellery) heating pad at the sore area and there you go. Reuse this heating pad warming it up again in the microwave for 1 minute and relax.

Heating Pad For Neck And Shoulder

heating pad

  • If you too have a lonely sock that is waiting to solve a purpose, give it one by making a DIY heating pad out of it. Yes, you heard that right!
  • The second way to make a heating pad is to make it with a sock and rice. This heating pad is especially a great option for painful necks and shoulders, plus, it is super cost-effective and efficient and you can reuse it at ease.
  • So, begin with finding a long tube sock for yourself, then fill it with rice. 
  • Tie a knot on the open end of the sock or secure it to hold the rice inside, with something like thread, etc.
  • After that, just microwave the sock for 2-3 minutes and apply this heat pad on the sore area. 
  • Reuse this over and over by microwaving the sock and rice. 
  • Raw rice has the capacity to hold the heat in for a while and that is why it makes the perfect ingredient for our heating pad.

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All-Purpose Heating Pad

heating pad

You can use this heating pad for most of the areas of your body and for therapies(benefits of thai massage). It is made in a similar way as the second one but has a few different ways to go around it.

You will have to sew a stiff fabric cover just like a small pillow cover, leave one end open and fill in the rice. This time also adds a few drops of lavender essential oils, this will be beneficial for curing headaches, etc. Stitch the open end after filling the rice and microwave and use it to bid your aches goodbye.

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