Hardwood flooring is in trend these days. Gone are the days when people would spend on marble because wooden floors look much more elegant. Even in those houses where the living room has marble floors, people tend to get their rooms wooden flooring because they look very elite. 

However, unlike marble floors, the one problem with wooden floors is that they begin to look too dirty too soon. It is like every particle of dust gets magnified on these floors. Cleaning them is also not an easy task. If your mop is too wet, the stains of water will be clearly visible, if it is too dry, it may hardly even clean anything. 

If you are someone who has hardwood tiling at home and are tired of the visible dirt, this article is for you! 

Vacuum The Floor 

vacuuming wood floors

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The most important step is to vacuum the floor on a daily basis, you can even use a broom. This is especially significant for all those of you who have dark wood flooring because there the dust will be clearly visible. No matter where you live, dust is inevitable. However, with wooden tiling, it is inevitable and definitely not invisible like in the case of marble flooring, which is why vacuuming is recommended. 

Clean Immediately after A Spill 

This is not your usual marble floor where you can spill anything and just let it be. The first reason why you should clean it immediately is that something as neutral as water can also leave a stain on your floor. Secondly, wood swells when in contact with dampness which is all the more reason for you clean of any spills immediately. 

Mop Well 

how to mop wood floors

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When it comes to mopping, you really need to be careful about the amount of water and soap. You do not want to leave the floor wet for too long and leave a stain. We suggest you take a bucket, fill it with water(you can use warm water as well) and then add 2 teaspoons of the liquid soap you use. Do not shake this, instead, just mix it gently. Immerse your mop into the water, squeeze it well to get rid of any excess water and wipe the floor. If you feel the floor is still too wet, you can clean it up with a dry mop/cloth. 

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What Not To Do

One thing that you must absolutely avoid apart from using too wet a mop to clean the floor is to use abrasive cleaners. Your usual cleaning ingredients like lemon juice, vinegar etc must be refrained from using on hardwood flooring. These may ruin the wood. 

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Oiling The Wooden Flooring 

how to clean wooden floors

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This is something that you must hire professional help for. Over time, there is a possibility that the wooden floor may lose its colour and shine. This is when it is in need of oiling. However, if you begin to do it on your own with absolutely any oil that is handy, you may be inviting the worst floor nightmares! 

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