Most of us choose marble floors for our homes as they are not only durable but also give a classy and luxurious look. If you have also chosen marble, then you know that it is difficult to maintain it because if it starts to get dirty then it will lose all its charms.

Therefore, you shouldn’t neglect your floors at all and maintain them. In order to help you, we are here with some tips to always keep your marble floors shining.

Clean The Spills Immediately

spills marble floor shining

If you want your marble floor to always look like new, then you need to clean the spills immediately. You can be extra careful but still, you won’t be able to avoid occasional spills, especially with kids in the house.

Whether it is food or wine or paint, it will leave a stain on the surface and damage your floor. Therefore, it is advised to not let it be for a long time and clean it immediately.

Dust The Floors Regularly

clean marble floor shining

If your floors are not cleaned regularly, then dust can form on the surface of the marble floors. This will leave stains and make your floors dull. Therefore, it is highly recommended to dust and sweep your floors on a daily basis.

Use a broom to clean the large dust particles and a mop (benefits of mopping) to get rid of the small dust particles. This will keep your floor shining and always makes it look like new. You can skip a day or two if the room is not used regularly otherwise you should clean it every day.

Polish Marble

Polishing your marble floors is extremely important to keep it shining. Use the right kind of polish to make your floors look as good as new. Make sure that the polish you are using is free of any harmful substances and safe for your floors as some ingredients can be damaging in the long run, therefore, you need to be careful.

Instead of using a polish, you directly hire a professional polishing company to do the job. This will surely cost some money but it will be worth it as your floors will look the best.

Use A Sponge Or Soft Cloth For Cleaning

sponge marble floor shining

Keep any hard or scratchy substance away from your floors. In order to get rid of stains, many people use a hard surface but this is a wrong practice as it will only lead to more scratches. You should never use a hard surface, instead go for a soft cloth or sponge to clean.

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Instead of using a thick piece of cloth, you can also use a cleaner that will weaken all the stains and then it will be easy to wipe them off using a sponge or a soft cloth.

Marble Sealers

Marble sealer is basically a liquid solvent that goes under the surface of the floor (tips to get rid of colour stains from the floor) to get absorbed in the stone. Marble sealers can protect your floors from a number of things. A floor with marble sealers is stain-resistant, doesn’t accumulate dust easily, makes the floor less slippery and doesn’t let it get dull.

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Therefore, if you already haven’t sealed your floors with marble sealers, you should do it immediately as it is the best thing to always keep your marble floors shining. 

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