It is everyone’s dream to have a great wedding shoot that makes you look super amazing, happy, and attractive on your big day. But it is not everyone’s cup of tea to be ready for what it takes to look good on your wedding day.

There are people who shy away from being in the spotlight and that is why we are here to guide you on how you can leave behind this attitude and start preparing for the best wedding photos ever. Take a look at these simple tips that you can try to get over your shyness for facing the camera. 

Look At The Big Picture

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Prepare your mind to be able to pose and enjoy in front of the camera because the happier you are on this side of the line the better your pictures will turn out to be. And even if you still feel conscious and unwilling to smile without reason, consider the bigger picture and pose for your picture with a heartwarming smile. Because if you won’t your pictures won’t look as good, and let’s face it we don’t want that at all.

Connect With The Photographer

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Wedding photography is one of the most emotion embedded photography and more so in Indian weddings. From the Haldi to Vidai all the ceremonies are so meaningful and heartwarming that the photography of those events is a very intimate thing to share. That is why we suggest you connect with a team of photographers before your wedding and talk to them to understand what wedding(hacks for brides to be) photography and capturing important moments for people means to them.

Also, tell them that you are shy in front of the camera and what else you think, and how you want it all to be like. Once you open up with the photographers assisting you, you will become comfortable with them.  Plus, when the same person who understands you well, will be clicking your snaps from the pre-wedding time, you will eventually be able to get over your shyness till the time your wedding arrives.

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Suggest Your Photographer A Documentary Style

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While some people posing and standing in the lights comes naturally, some do not like that approach. That is why you can research and suggest the kind of photo you would want. Further, ask you, the photographer, to snap moments in a documentary fashion, for this you don’t have to pose artificially and everything keeps going naturally while you get clicked. 

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Be Yourself

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It absolutely not necessary for you to do everything that others do even if you don’t like it. Photography is important for you to remember the essence of happiness that the day held in your lives. But it is not imperative to be pretending to be someone you are not. Taking a fake approach will also eventually reflect in the photos. So, be genuinely happy, do the things that you like, discuss with your photographer and ask him to understand that it is your wedding and that your thoughts and opinions about things are important.

If you don’t like posing in awkward poses, draw a line. Tell your photographer what you like and how you would like to cherish the moments. Be yourself, go with the flow and keep it all-natural.

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All the best for your big day! Stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such pieces.