Who said weddings in Covid times can’t be fun? Well, we do know that the times are tough and our safety is far more important than any other thing but that does not mean that we can’t do things to make your special moments memorable. In fact, it is one of the most important parts of the wedding. More than the day itself what remains with us are the beautiful memories associated with it. 

Therefore, if you are planning your wedding soon, here is how you can plan your sassy bachelorette party too. If you are intrigued, then read on to know more about this.

Start By Deciding The Perfect Venue


It is sheerly important to choose a safe venue to organise your bachelorette party. It could be anywhere a decent resort, a hotel, or even at your own home. All you have to keep in mind is if the place is following all the safety precautions. If you are booking a resort, go for one that is perhaps on the outskirts, away from the town that doesn’t have a lot of people coming in.

This will be good in two ways, one, a resort that is less commercially active will have lesser people and therefore, lesser chances of contraction of the virus. For two, this will also be a considerably cheaper option for you. So, invite your gang to the venue and observe a quarantine for a day or two before you actually begin with the fun.

Head In For A Relaxing Spa Session

After observing a quarantine, proceed with the celebrations, remember it is the time for you and your friends to enjoy quality time, so no phones allowed.  Treat your mates to a relaxing in a house spa session.

This will not only help you get rid of the wedding anxiety but will also give your skin a natural glow.  Apart from that, all of you can take some cool dance training online and have loads of fun while learning the steps. Dancing will help you keep the extra calories at bay and will also make you fitter.

Organise An Outdoor Fashion Show In The Day


Fashion show is one thing girls can’t ever refuse, so oraganise a fashion show outdoors in the backyard of your house or the open area of the resort you’re staying in. Ask you wedding planner to assist you with the decorations and there you go. Don the best dresses and get clicked like queens.

Food Cannot Be Forgotten

Well, it is almost needless to tell that food is the major aspect of your party since you all will stay in one place, you can order your most favourite delicacies or even go on a cooking spree with your mates. This will bring you all together and perhaps you will be able to make the best memories of your life along with your besties.

Netflix And Chill


For people who have been Netflixing and chilling in the lockdown, it has become a new hobby to Netflix and chill. So, if your friends are up for it why not just sit back and binge on your favourite movies while reminiscing the past days and making fun conversations.

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Other Things To Do


  • You can all go shopping for clothes and have a date out only while keeping in mind all the social distancing norms to be safer. 
  • Further, you can organise a proper photoshoot where you all wear coordinated outfits and pose like perfect divas.
  • Moreover, you can also head for some adventure activities nearby and take a day off for having that thrilling time.

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