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    Stunning Wedding Photography Tricks To Use For Flawless Pictures

    Here are some cool tips and tricks for a memorable and breathtaking set of wedding pictures. Take a look.
    Updated at - 2021-02-11,18:44 IST
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    Today the significance of wedding photography is far more than just getting pictures for the thick photo album. It is about creating your own ways of making your beautiful day, more beautiful. Wedding photography has grown as a profession also in the past years as its demand has increased with the advancement in the world. Today wedding photography means a lot more to couples, it is about living your wedding day to the fullest and rejoicing in the melody of your love.

    The standards of photographs have also evolved overtime and that is why it has now become important for couples to understand the art of making the perfect subject for your wedding photos. Therefore, we are here with some of the most amazing wedding photography tips for couples to take a look at.

    Understanding The Best Colours For Natural Light

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    Photography is entirely dependant on lights, the better the lighting the more appealing the shot looks and it therefore very important to understand the colour temperature of the photos and what coloured attires you can don to make your picture look more attractive.

    Well, when is comes to natural lighting it is always better to stick to natural more pastel and neutral colours, this is because the natural light has a red and yellow tonality, which is why you should always opt for colours like light blue, pastel pink, beige, light green, magenta etc. 

    Understanding The Best Colours For Warm Lights

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    But when we talk about night photography(Pre-wedding photoshoot in budget) where they make use of artificial lights which are generally warm-toned, then you can go ahead and don darker shades, such as reds, maroon, wines, hot pink, yellow etc. These brighter the colours the happier the picture looks. 

    While in day shoots you don’t have to add that element of brightness as the surroundings are generally lit up already, but at night, the light focuses only on you which is why wearing radiant colours at night is definitely a thumbs up from us!

    Use Innovative Props

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    Props are one of the most important aspects of pictures, they define the 1000 words that, the particular picture wants to convey. Wedding shoots are largely more inclined towards the love and chemistry between the couple which is why your props must not be cliches like flowers etc.

    Nowadays there’s a trend of setting up a proper photo booth for photography and the couple gets to choose the props, which could be colourful vintage cars or an auto-rickshaw, an old age scooter painted and revamped and some placards with sassy messages on them. These not only add an element of fun but also make your pictures look happier and quirky.

    Some Cool Posing Tips For The Couple

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    While is okay to stick to the ideas you have in your head that are generally inspired by the pictures we have seen. But going with some new ideas is wiser to be able to suit the modern standards of photoshoots. So, first things first, the most important thing is undoubtedly the chemistry between the couple. Let the poses be very natural and go with the flow, but at the same time remember to give lively and romantic poses.

    For instance, hold colour bombs in one hand and your partner in the other and kiss, go for some cutaways with bokeh effects with only your hands in focus, further, recreate interesting and iconic movie(10 movies to watch this christmas) moments like DDLJ’s or a scene from one of your favourite movies, this will add a Bollywood masala touch to your pictures and make them look super dope.

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    Makeup Tips For Brides Before Photoshoot

    Well, more than the groom, it is usually the bride who wants everything perfect at her wedding and so we thought of preparing the brides with some awesome makeup tips to make their pictures look even more stunning. Starting with what looks the pictures look bad or the face to look burned, is excessive use of a highlighter. Since the highlighter is shiny it glows too much when the face is exposed to artificial lights,  therefore make sure to either skip the highlighter or use it very carefully. Next tip is to make your facial features sharper and more defined with the right use of contour and bronzer. 

    Further, go ahead and don’t shy away from working over the eyes make add a good quality gel liner that stays for a longer period of time this will make your eyes look bigger, brighter and more defined. And eyes are the most important features of a face so remember to highlight them. Lastly, it would be great if the groom also uses a little makeup with the guidance of an expert, nothing can stop the pictures from looking absolutely stunning and flawless.

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