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Ever Wondered Why Radha And Krishna Never Got Married? Here Are A Few Theories!

Why did Radha Krishna, the personification of true love, not marry? Read to find out!
  • Riddhi Kaushik
  • Editorial
Published -15 Jul 2021, 12:24 ISTUpdated -15 Jul 2021, 12:50 IST
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We have all grown up listening to the tales of the love of Radha and Krishna. Their friendship, love and togetherness always made us want to have someone like that in our life. Either narrated to us by our grandparents, parents, teachers, or television shows, the story of Radhe Krishna made us believe in love. Their name became the metaphor of love. However, do you remember the first time you found out that Radha Krishna never got married? Did it shatter your heart as it did ours? Why did they not get married when they were perfect for each other? How could they live without each other? What love is this that sees no happily ever after? 

While there are many stories about why they never got married, we have picked the most famous ones just so you get your answers!

Sridama’s Curse

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Image Credit: krishna-images

There are many stories behind why he cursed the divine love of Radha and Krishna. However, the two most famous ones are as follows: Sridama was a devotee of Lord Krishna. He could not digest the fact that even after being a devotee of Sri Krishna, he had to first take the name of Radha to pray to Krishna. He did not accept the phrase ‘Radhe-Krishna’. He believed that devotion is beyond love and love is just a farce. Moreover, he could not digest the fact that anything he offers to Sri Krishna, Krishna first gives it to Radha Rani(read all about Radha Rani). This angered Sridama and he cursed Radharani 100 years without Krishna. 

Another tale tells us that one day just to tease Radha Rani, Krishna was playfully talking to her other friends. This angered Radha more than ever and she started to take her anger out on Krishna. All this was witnessed by Sridama, a devotee of Sri Krishna who did not think the behaviour of Radha Rani was justified. He cursed her and that is why she got separated from Sri Krishna. 

Radha And Krishna Are One

Many tales tell us that Radha and Krishna are not two different entities. Radha is the energy of Lord Krishna that pleases him, and how could he marry his own energy? You need two people to get married, but Radha and Krishna were one soul, they were not different from each other, they resided in one another and there was no need for a marriage to prove it. 

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Rukmini Was The Incarnation Of Lakshmi

Lord Krishna was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu who had birthed to end Kansa. Rukmini too was the incarnation of Lordess Lakshmi, the wife of Lord Vishnu(read about Rukmini Devi temple). Rukmini and Krishna were destined to be together because they were Visnu and Lakshmi. Even though Krishna grew up playing with Radha and remained close to her, Rukmini was with whom Krishna truly belonged. 

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Radha’s Love Was Not Physical

radha krishna love why did krishna not marry radha one

Image Credit: mahaperiyavaa

While many stories tell us that Radha and Krishna madly loved each other, which is true, this was not the common romantic love. They loved each other but not in the usual physical sense. Radha Rani had already realised that Krishna was no common man. He was divine, she loved him like a devotee loves a God, she loved him with devotion, not lust. Her love for Krishna was beyond physicalities, her love for Krishna was divine. 

These were the most popular theories behind why Radha and Krishna never got married. If you liked this story, stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such content.  

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