The last solar eclipse of 2021 will take place on 4th December. The solar eclipse is quite special as it is falling on the day of Shani Amavasya or Shani Jayanti. This one will not be completely visible in India, however, the surya grahan will have its own effects on the 12 zodiac signs. 

Our astro expert, Jyotishacharya and Pandit Vinod Sonitalking about this solar eclipse share, "This yog will take place after 148 years. In India, the solar eclipse will be visible from some areas of Purvanchal but during this time everyone should follow the rules of the eclipse."

Solar Eclipse 2021 And Sutak Timings 

Sutak will begin 12 hours before the eclipse on 3rd December 2021 at 11 pm and end on 4th December at 3.07 pm. The solar eclipse will start at 10.59 am and end at 3.07 pm. 

We asked our astro expert how will this surya grahan effect all the zodiac signs. Read on to know. 


This solar eclipse will not have a great impact on Aries. The surya grahan might bring along mental stress for your zodiac sign. There are high chances of problems with the family. However, you will get full support of your partner. Keep a check on the health of your parents as they might be at the risk of falling ill. 

Remedy - On the day of the solar eclipse, read Sundarkand and offer a jasmine oil lamp in front of Lord Hanuman. 


surya grahan

The solar eclipse will bring along a lot of health problems. Especially, there are high chances of stomach related issues. Those in a relationship might get into a fight with their loved one. Money might come your way. 

Remedy - Light a mustard  oil lamp under a peepal tree in the evening.


There will be an increase in your expenses with this solar eclipse. Make sure you are alert all the time because someone might try to cheat you. There are chances of having differences with someone in your family. If you are already suffering from a disease, chances are that it might get worse. 

Remedy - After the eclipse is over, pray to Lord Shiva, perform abhishekam with panchamrit and donate food to the needy in the name of your ancestors. 


surya grahan impact

This zodiac sign might get separated from their spouse after this solar eclipse. This solar eclipse will also have a bad effect on your health. There are chances of you of losing wealth too. 

Remedy - Offer raw milk and sesame seeds to peepal tree. Mix gangajal and honey, offer to peepal tree. 


This surya grahan will not be auspicious for this zodiac sign. There are chances of you suffering from a health issue. You can also meet an accident. It is best not to invest in any work on the day of solar eclipse. 

Remedy - Donate red clothes to needy people. 


surya grahan leo virgo

This solar eclipse will not be good for your father's health. A lot of obstacles will come your way but you will benefit from money and land. 

Remedy - Offer prayer to the setting sun and feed gur-chana to Lord Hanuman as bhog.

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You may witness some changes at the workplace. If you were expecting a promotion, there are chances that it gets delayed. Don't take loan from anyone as you won't be able to return it. 

Remedy - Offer water to Lord Suryanarayan in the evening and read Suryashtak path. 


surya grahan scorpio

The effect of this solar eclipse on your relationships will be such that everything will get spoiled, especially your siblings. Also, you feel suffer from unecessary stress at the workplace and have disputs with people without any reason. 

Remedy - Donate wheat and jaggery to needy people. You should also donate iron related goods at Lord Hanuman or Lord Shani temple.


Due to this solar eclipse, there will be an increase in your expenses. Take special care of your eyes as they might get hurt. The good effect of this solar eclipse on this zodiac sign will be that you will defeat your enemies. 

Remedy - Offer food to needy people in the name of ancestors.

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surya grahan capricorn

For this sun sign, solar eclipse will bring along health risks. Make sure you think twice before making any decisions as there are high chances of you making a wrong decision. 

Remedy - Chant 'Om Bhagwate Vasudevaya Mantra' 108 times. 


This solar eclipse will have no negative effect on this zodiac sign. However, there can be money related issues. If you drive, make sure you are alert all the time. 
Remedy -  Donate medicine, clothes, food to the needy.


surya grahan pisces

This solar eclipse will cause a lot of problems for this sun sign. There are chances of you getting cheated and insulted. There can also be some tension in the house. 

Remedy - Worship Lord Suryanarayana and chant the mantra 'Om Ghrini Suryay Namah' 108 times. 

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