Tarot Card Reading For Year 2022

Will the upcoming year bring along positivity and luck for you? Read your yearly tarot card reading. 

Jeevika Sharma
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Just a few days to go and we will step into the new year. We are sure you are all curious to know what the upcoming year has in store for you. If you plan it right, you can prep yourself for the challenges that might come your way in the coming year. Our tarot card reader, Jeevika Sharma is here to guide you for the coming year, 2022. Plan your year as per the detailed tarot card reading shared by the expert. Read on.


Professionally, Aries, you would find a little difficulty to reach for your goals. You will have to invest a lot of extra effort to be able to earn an income you desire. Personally, you would find yourself in a position of power over the people around, specially your partner. You would to focus on your health for it to support you all the time.


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In the year 2022, Taurus, you would come to face several hurdles in your personal life which might create some distance between you and your partner. Professionally, there are many rewards and achievements can be seen entering your life. You might suffer some health issues which would take a little time to heal.


The year 2022 will bless you with a peaceful and happy personal life. This year you will have all the power to end any issue/s in your life. The issues can be old or they can even be new. You will be able to solve everything. Professionally, your life won’t see much excitement and things will follow a

stagnant pace.

Health: you will look for different ways all the time to keep yourself healthy.


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Throughout the year 2022 you would be trying everything only to get a hold of your professional life. Personally, things in your life are different. You will be in control of all the problems arising in your life and all the people in your life. You will live a healthy life. But, you should not be carefree with your health.

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In 2022, Leo, you might shift to and adopt a unhealthy lifestyle which may lead to a drastic effect on your health. Professionally, you will be receiving several gains which will be directly reflected by your efforts and hard work. Personally, you may face issues which were raised earlier in your life.


Virgo, the decisions which you will be taking in your professional life this year, will bring you good results in the future. Personally, you would have to deal with all the burden and stress in your life. If you continue to work hard then you will be able to make all your relationship work. Health, overall will be in the green zone.


libra sign

Professionally, Libra, in 2022 you will be struck with the thought of investing your money to increase your finances. Personally, you will be taking actions without much thought and in a hurry. But, those actions in haste would prove to be beneficial for you. There are chances of some health issues surfacing in 2022 which might come to full notice a year later in 2023.

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In the year 2022, Scorpio, there is a possibility that you can generate some health issues which could prove to be fatal if not attended to in time. Professionally, you will receive some guidance from a person who is new into your life. This advice would help you multiply your income. Personally, you will find it hard, at times to figure things out.


Professionally, you will gain financially and achieve everything you wanted and were destined to. Personally, you will be confused throughout the year 2022 in making a decision or choosing the path to choose in the case of your relationship or any other thing. Health issues of the past will finally come to an end and you will have a health that you wanted.


In your professional life Capricorn, you will be investing your money where there is value. You will be buying physical asset/s, mostly property. Personally, there is a possibility for the beginning of a new relationship which could lead to marriage. In terms of your health, you would be taking care of your health and maintain a balance between mental and physical health.


Aquarius, your professional life can get affected if there are any lingering issues in your personal life which would cause some emotional strain. Your personal life will not be seeing any hurdles and will see smoothness the same as before.

Health: mental health could get effected because of uncertain situations arising in your professional life as well as your personal life.


In the year 2022, Pisces, you would receive several opportunities in your career life which will help you multiply your income. Personally, your bond with your loved ones will grow emotionally. Stability in your health is on the cards.

We hope you have a great year ahead. For more such tarot card readings, stay tuned!

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