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    Monthly Horoscope For The Month Of December 2021

    Find out what your stars have to say for December 2021 based on your zodiac signs, as per astrologer and vastu expert Dr. Aarti Dahiya
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    Published -24 Nov 2021, 11:36 ISTUpdated -25 Nov 2021, 13:11 IST
    Monthly december horoscope

    December is almost here and we are sure you all must be curious to know what the new month will bring along for your zodiac sign. So, ahead of the new month, we thought of helping you get prepared. Here is our astrologer Dr. Aarti Dahiya to guide you through the upcoming month. Read on to know more.


    Aries Reading

    The people born under Aries will be able to get good opportunities in their career during this month. Mars will be in the tenth house of your field of work and career, due to which you will get great success in achieving high position at your workplace.

    Financially, the month of December is auspicious for the Aries. There will be many opportunities for earning money. You are likely to get sudden gains from every investment made in the past at the beginning of the month. Your eleventh house lord Saturn being in the tenth house will help you in increasing your income by working hard and consistently. The month of December will be a little fluctuating in terms of health. That's why you need to pay attention to your health. This month try to worship Lord Hanuman, donate wheat and jaggery on Tuesday and offer arghya to the sun god in the morning.



    Money will come though some bad things will also happen. There is a possibility of some changes in business. Businessmen wait for good days. You will get the support of the family and the blessings of the parents. Planets are not beneficial for the academic development of children. A lot of study and extra guidance will be required to crack the competitive exams. Commerce students need more hard work to do well in studies. Students trying for government jobs can get success. There will be major changes in married life with the birth of a child. Single people will be successful in getting into happy relationships. Professional growth will be excellent.


    Gemini Reading

    During the month, you will face minor in your married life. Family turmoil can have a negative impact on children. This will make it difficult for them to progress in their studies. A lot of effort is required to crack competitive exams. Parents should take interest in their activities and guide them on the right path. The health of the people of Gemini zodiac will not be good. As a remedy, you must recite Hanuman Chalisa every Tuesday morning.


    Cancer reading

    The month of December will give favourable results in career and field for the people of Cancer zodiac. Career people will get good opportunities for growth. Due to this auspicious position of the planets, you will be able to get rid of your enemies. Along with this, you will also be ready to enhance your skills and grow in your career. Marital bonds will be strong. Health will be good. Children will perform excellently in their academic activities. The family environment will be full of discord. Relations with your siblings and family members will remain very weak. You should make serious efforts to restore peace in the family environment. From the business point of view, this month will be turbulent for you. There can be losses in business, so be alert and keep an eye on your competitors.


    Leo Reading

    The month of December is very encouraging for family matters. The planets are positive and there will be harmony in the family. You will have good relations with senior members of your family and you will get their support. Financially, this month will be good for you, progress of any member of the house is also possible. There will be growth in career. Career projects will gain momentum after the first week. A new project may come in hand at the end of the month. You will get respect everywhere.


    Virgo reading

    The planets are not auspicious and it will lead to estrangement among family members. There will also be problems in the financial situation. You should try to resolve conflicts. In the business field, you will face challenges from your rivals which can also harm the business. So, treat your customers fairly. Salaried people will get the support of their colleagues. This month is going to be particularly favourable in terms of career. Your financial aspect is good. Your income will increase. Now you are able to pay off any of your debts.

    Dr. Aarti Dahiya on Pisces


    Libra reading

    From December 10, the presence of Venus, the lord of the ascendant house of Libra, will be in the fourth house, along with it, he will also look at your career and field of work, which will give you successful results. You will get more respect and prestige from your co-workers. You will also be able to conquer your enemies easily. This month will be good for career and workplace. In the second week of the month, the Sun God will conjunct your eleventh and ninth house lord Mercury, so that you can make your efforts. With which you will be able to make many money gains and increase in income by the end of the month through your efforts. Traders will also get financial benefits this month due to the auspicious position of Mercury and Venus. There will be more buying and selling in business. His business will expand. In terms of health, this month is going to be good for Libra, there is a possibility of development in career.


    Scorpio reading

    Mercury and Venus will transit in your second and third houses, which will open new sources of your income. Some of you, employed people, are also likely to get a salary increase or promotion. The position of Sun in your 2nd house during the third week is also going to give you good results. You can attain a high position. However, as soon as Mars is placed in your Ascendant, you will lack patience. The students will get good results in the examination. The month of December will be favourable for students who are preparing for government exams. There are chances of increase in income also. You will also be able to gain some money through the sale or purchase of any of your ancestral property. You may face mental tension.


    Sagittarius Reading

    There will be opportunities for development in the field of work. You can also get a new job. Financial condition will be good. Along with increasing income, your expenses will also see a steady increase. There will be minor problems in terms of health. During this time, you may have problems with stomach, teeth and gums. Time will be spent well with family and friends.

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    Capricorn Reading

    You will need to pay attention to your health. You are advised not to be negligent towards your health. Especially be alert about every problem related to stomach. Students pursuing higher education will get an opportunity to do something new for them. If you are preparing for government exams, then this month you will get success. Any auspicious work can happen in the family.


    Aquarius Reading

    Aquarius sign people need to pay attention to their health. You will get appreciation in your field of work. But do not be careless towards work. The month of December will be important in many ways for the people of Aquarius. Good time will be spent with family. You will get the support of brothers and sisters. There will be an increase in the religious and spiritual fields. Students preparing for competitive exams will get good results during this time period. You will be troubled by some unexpected expenses.

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    Pisces Reading

    This month is going to be financially normal for most of the Pisces people. Health needs attention. Your lord Jupiter staying in the tenth house can cause health-related problems. Especially you will be prone to problems related to joints, knees and stomach. The presence of Venus, the lord of your third house in your eleventh house, will give you full support from younger brothers and sisters.

    We hope you have a great month ahead. For more such zodiac predictions by our astrologer and vastu expert Dr. Aarti Dahiya; stay tuned to HerZindagi.

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