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Here Are Some Amazing Ways To Reuse Old Pillows

Pillows also have an expiry date when they stop providing you the much-needed comfort. So, instead of throwing it away, reuse it. Read on to know-how.
Published -16 Jul 2021, 17:44 ISTUpdated -16 Jul 2021, 18:03 IST
reuse old pillow main

Pillows also have an expiry date. They are useless if they don’t provide the much-needed comfort and shouldn’t be used by you further as it can lead to several health problems. However, instead of throwing away these pillows, you can reuse them in some smart ways. Read on to know-how.

Make A Pet Bed

pet reuse old pillow

You can easily make a comfortable and fluffy bed for your furry friends using an old pillow. Your pets would sleep comfortably on this and they would actually prefer something that smells like you. Also, you can save a lot of money because good-quality pet beds can be expensive. You can easily make these beds using your pillow or just the contents of your pillow by adding some extra fabrics.

Donate them

There are several people out there who are in need of old pillows and you would be doing something good for society by donating them to some charity, homeless shelters, or animal shelters. They can be easily used by these people to make comfortable bedding or again repurposed by animal shelters to create a bed for animals. Although, it is a good idea to donate these but don’t forget to wash these before donating.

Stuff your Old Toys

teddy reuse old pillow

Your kids or pets might have some torn apart stuffed toys that can use some extra filling. You can easily use your old pillows to fill these up and make them as good as new. This will have two benefits, your stuffed toys will get back in shape as well as the pillows will not go to waste and will be optimally used.


You probably have more than a single pillow in your home that has gone all flat and thin. You can extend the life of these pillows by combining the two together. Add them together in a single pillowcase and this new pillow will provide you the much-needed support for you to relax after a busy and stressful day.

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Stuff Other pillows

double reuse old pillow

You might have some pillows that are in pretty good condition but still can use some extra stuffing. Here come your old and useless pillows to the rescue as you can add some of the fillings from these pillows to your new ones and make it as good as a new pillow. This way you can use both the pillows and nothing will go to waste.

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Make Cleaning Rags

Pillows are made by stuffing a fabric, however, this fabric is not of very good quality, so, can’t be used but you can definitely use it to make cleaning (cleaning hack) rags. Just cut the fabrics into square pieces and use them to clean your house.


Travel Pillows

If you are a fan of travel and frequently move, then these pillows (how to choose a pillow for better sleep) can come in handy. Obviously, it won’t provide the comfort of a bed but will be really handy while you want to relax in the car or train. It’s really not practical to take a new one with you as you might lose it somewhere and the fluffy ones take up a lot of space. So, use old ones for the much-needed comfort in a vehicle. 

Don't throw away your old pillows, instead use them in the above-mentioned ways. For more such stories, stay tuned to HerZindagi!

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