Your office is a place where your productivity and creativity come to work. It is perhaps a source of earning for you. And thus, it is no less than a place of worship. This is why you should be very careful about whether or not your office is placed rightly as per vastu, what types of things can help you enhance your focus and quality of work in an office, etc. So, if you are really conscious about your office’s Vastu, here are some plants that will help you with productivity, mind control, and positive vibes in your office. These plants will also serve as the right tools to make your office look really attractive and peaceful.

Lily Plant

lily plant

Lily plants are considered to be symbolic of happiness and purity and thus they must be placed in your office space. These plants help alleviate the negative vibes and assist you while keeping up your self-restraint.

In big offices, these plants can be placed in a medicinal ward for spreading comfort while if you have a smaller office then you can place this plants near the window. They are also considered to be the blossoms of spirituality and thus make perfect gifts for others too.

Money Plant

money plant

Money plant has managed remained at the top of the list of the most popular house plants over all these decades. Not only keeping it at your home or work desk increases the aesthetic appeal of your room but according to Vastu shastra, keeping this plant as a part of your home is said to bring prosperity and accumulate wealth into the lives of the people living inside of your house. Money plant, also known by its botanical name Epipremnum aureum, is native to the society islands of French Polynesia. But throughout the years it has managed to grow in the regions of South Africa, Southeast Asia, and Australia. It's said that the plant should be placed facing either North or East direction in order for it to give ultimate results. 

Banana Plant

banana plant

According to Hindu Mythology, the banana plant represents and symbolizes Lord Vishnu. Therefore, it is considered to be sacred and holy for the followers. Vastu sastra states that keeping a banana plant means that your house will be secured by the blessings of Lord Vishnu himself. It will keep your family guarded and safe from any illicit happenings and also tends to bring joy to the family members. It also keeps the atmosphere of your home lively and pure. It should be kept facing the Northeast direction on a clean spot.

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Snake Plant

snake plant

The snake plant is very important in vastu shastra. Not only is the plant indestructible as it can survive in any environment but it is also known to attract positivity towards itself. The snake plant is also known for reducing your stress levels and purifying the air in the atmosphere. You can place this plant on your office desk or on its side on a stand.

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Lotus Plant

It is a symbol of strength, purity, morality and is one of the most beneficial plants for offices or workplaces(work from home office as per vastu).  It is also linked to the Goddess of wealth(vastu tips to please Goddess Lakshmi), Lord Buddha, and its presence in your space is said to induce a positive environment along with attracting wealth, prosperity, and good luck. 

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So, which of these plants are you planning on keeping in your office. Do let us know in the comment section below. Stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such articles.