Reasons Why Your Big Sister Is The Most Special Person In Your Life

Here are a few reasons to remind you about the most special person in your life, your big sis!

Bhavishya Bir
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One of the most special people in your life is your elder sister. An elder sister is basically a role model for most of the young sisters. Along with this, she is their biggest critic as well as biggest cheerleader. A big sister is the first best friend of a girl.

She will always defend you in public but will correct you in private. She is surely an angel in disguise for every little sister. So, here are a few reasons why every younger sister loves her big sister.

She Is Your Most Loyal And True Friend

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She has been there since the start and has witnessed every little milestone of your life. From your first word to your first steps to your first day of school to your first crush to your first heartbreak, she has always been there for you.

Even when you were in that teenage phase with all the tantrum and anger issues, she stuck through all of it.

She Helped You Find Your Sense Of Fashion

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You have to admit that you were the most stylish out of your friends just because you have an elder sister to rely on for fashion advice. Also, the biggest perk of having an elder sister is that you can steal her clothes and makeup and flaunt it with style in front of the world.

Also, she’ll always give you the right advice and bluntly tell you if something doesn’t suit you unlike your mother who always thinks that you look lovely.

Knows How To Deal With your Family

When you mess up, your elder sister is always there to save you from your parents and she always has a way to get out of it, because of experience. She just knows the level of crazy in your family and can handle it with ease.

You Can Be Yourself In Front Of Her

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Since the two of you have grown up together, she knows all your quirks and habits and loves you unconditionally despite all of that. Thus, you don’t need to hide anything and pretend to be perfect in front of her. You can just be yourself and you know no matter what, she’ll always be there and never judge you.

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She Is Your Go-To Person For Cool Music, Movies And Trends

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She was the first person to introduce you to all the trends, be it fake lashes, hair straightener, accessories or fake hair. Also, you got a chance to be the cooler one in your peers as your sister had already introduced you to the mindless teenage romance novels, boy bands, best movies, and all the other cool stuff.

She Tells You the Truth

She may love you but this doesn’t mean that she has any problems in telling you the truth. No matter how bitter the truth is, it is important to know the truth. This is a necessity to bring out the best in you.

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She Knows How To Comfort You

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She will always have the right words for you. No matter how hurt you are, she knows how to comfort you. She will always have the right words when you’re at your worst. She will chase all your blues away in just a few minutes.

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