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    Office Comfort: Here’s How You Can Make Work Stations Cozy

    The space you spend the most time should be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. With these simple changes, you can turn your work stations from de...
    Updated at - 2020-03-10,16:42 IST
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    In this modern era, we happen to spend most of the hours of our day at workstations. And like these long-working hours are not enough to exhaust the mind and soul that a few of us also get over times and delayed meetings. During all this, the last thing you want to deal with is a comfortable chair, back pain, cluttered desk, low lightings and noise surrounding you. Although most of us encounter these problems on a daily basis at our offices, most of us just decide to keep dealing with like there is no remedy to put things on the right track. If you are one of those lazy souls, this write-up is for you. With little changes and add-ons, you can totally turn the situation of your space from depressing to amazing.  

    Backrest and Footrest

    back foot rest'

    You sit on that black, discomforting chair all day long. Leaning forward and backward won’t provide the comfort with your back need, instead install a fluffy cushion or a good quality back support pillow. You can also ask your doctor to suggest one. It is not just about providing relaxation to your spinal cord, these pillows will help you maintain good body posture and keep the back pain at bay. Be it your eyes, foot, mind or soul, torturing it for nothing is not a smart move. Instead of trying to adjust your leg sometimes on the chair and other times into some uncomfortable place isn’t a smart move. Invest in buying some compact footrest. You will feel whole new energy with these by your side while working.   

    Workdesk aesthetics matter


    Looking at the same bulletin board with documents pinned on it is enough to make you feel off and bored. Then you have files, wires, landline, food items and water bottles all over your desk, giving you a messier vibe. How do you expect your mind to feel enthusiastic about such a workplace? Make efforts to make the desk uncluttered. Tape the wires together. Get beautiful pen stand, pin a few motivating quotes on that board, family or friend photos will also do. If you still have not accepted digitalisation and live by your files, you definitely need a file tray. Also, don’t forget to change the desktop/ laptop’s background. Windows background is just not pleasing enough. 

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    Food and Drinks Drawer

    food drink

    Whether you are a foodie, health fanatic or none of these, there is no way you don’t need a drawer specifically allotted to the food items. While almost all the offices have their own loaded cafeterias and pantries, having a shelf full of snacks is best. You won’t have to worry about your favourite blue lays supplies getting over. Plus, if you are health conscious, you know how difficult it is to get snacks that suit your diet plan. Last but by no means least, quickly available food will keep from becoming cranky of hunger. 

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    Invest In Accessories


    Decorations and adornments are fine, but what about things that can help you relax? Never underestimate the power of a few toys that can help you get out of the zone that doesn’t let that creative mind produce ideas. Brain teasing games like Rubik’s cube, Newton's cradle, and Fidgets can actually help you freshen up the mind. It can help you distract from something that is bothering at the workplace. If you don’t like games try hourglasses, acupuncture rollers or stress-relieving gel balls.  

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