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What Went Wrong Between Rakhi Sawant And Ritesh Singh, Here Is Full Story

Rakhi Sawant recently broke down in front of Mumbai paparazzi and said her heart beats for husband Ritesh.
Published -17 Feb 2022, 12:00 ISTUpdated -17 Feb 2022, 12:15 IST
rakhi sawant ritesh singh divorce real reason

Rakhi Sawant entered the Bigg Boss house last season as a wild card contestant along with husband Ritesh Singh. This was the first time Ritesh Singh made a public appearance after months of Rakhi Sawant claiming to be married to the NRI software professional. Inside the Bigg Boss house, Ritesh and Rakhi saw a lot of ups and downs. While they were seen at loggerheads a couple of times, they also gave us some lovey-dovey moments. However, recently, Rakhi Sawant, on the occasion of Valentine's Day broke the news of her separation with husband Ritesh. 

Rakhi Sawant took to her Instagram handle and shared a post that read, “Dear fans and well wishers, just wanted to say that Ritesh and I have decided to part ways. After the Bigg Boss show a lot has happened and I was unaware of certain things which were out of my control. We have tried to work out our differences and tried to make things work but I think it’s best we both move on amicably and we both enjoy our lives separately. I’m really sad and heartbroken that this had to happen before Valentine’s Day but the decision had to be made. I wish Ritesh the best in life but for me at this stage in life I have to focus on my work and myself happy and healthy. Thank you for understanding and supporting me always!”

What Went Wrong Between Rakhi And Ritesh?

Rakhi Sawant's post on Instagram left her fans in shock. That's because inside the Bigg Boss house and after making an exit from the show, both Rakhi Sawant and Ritesh Singh were seen together and nothing really hinted at sourness in their relationship. 

In an interview with Times of India, Rakhi Sawant shared that it wasn't her decision. She shared that when they woke up on Sunday, Ritesh suddenly started packing up his bags and said he wishes to separate because of legal issues with his wife. 

rakhi sawant ritesh

For those who don't know, Rakhi Sawant during her stint on Bigg Boss 14 revealed that Ritesh Singh is already married and has kids. However, things haven't been smooth between them. Ritesh Singh's wife Snigdha Priya reportedly also filed a domestic violence case against him in the year 2017.

Ritesh Singh and Rakhi Sawant's marriage is illegal. The two got married behind closed doors in a hotel room. She shared that she has no proof of her marriage since there was no function. 

Rakhi Sawant's Condition To Get Back With Ritesh

In the same interview, Rakhi Sawant further shared that if Ritesh Singh wants to come back to her life post his divorce from his first wife, he will have to buy a house and a car of his own. 

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Times Rakhi Sawant Broke Down In Front Of Media

Rakhi Sawant was recently papped outside her gym. Just when she was coming out of the gym, a cat crossed her path. She then looked at the paparazzi and asked them what is going to happen with her now. The photographers then told her that nothing will happen. 

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A post shared by Bollywood Fan Page (@bollywoodsitaarey)


She was then seen breaking down into tears. She said that she loves the janta, media, and Ritesh. Rakhi Sawant further shared that her heart beats for Ritesh. She then left saying, "I am sorry, I am sorry..it's my fault."

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Rakhi Sawant has always been vocal about her feelings and never hesitated in sharing it all with the public. 

Last year, in the month of July, Rakhi Sawant was seen breaking down in front of Mumbai paparazzi after her mother's cancer surgery was successful. She was seen crying, falling on her knees, and thanking Salman Khan and his brother Sohail Khan for helping her.

In her video which went viral on social media, she said, "I thank Salman Khan. I used to pray to Jesus and wonder if I'll ever be saved, or if I will die like this. But my God gave me an angel in the form of Salman Khan. It is because of him and his family that I am able to get this operation done. And I thank God, and Salman."


Rakhi Sawant also had an emotional moment during her stint on Bigg Boss 14. She was seen crying in front of the camera on the occasion of Valentine's day. She wished husband Ritesh on the occasion and sent across a special message. She said,  "We have never celebrated Valentine's Day together, but I genuinely feel for you. I thought you are my destiny but I do not know anymore. I hope we get together soon."


Tell us what are your thoughts on Rakhi Sawant and Ritesh Singh's separation on our Facebook page. On the work front, Rakhi Sawant recently shared that she is getting fitter for a song in Salman Khan's upcoming film. For more such stories, stay tuned!

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