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Themes You Can Pick For Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

Looking for unique ideas for your pre wedding shoot? You may find something here. 
Published -09 Oct 2021, 12:00 ISTUpdated -09 Oct 2021, 12:13 IST
pre wedding

Before the wedding, the couple has a lot to deal with. There may be a lot on their mind but the first and the most important thing is a pre wedding shoot. Selecting a theme is hard as the shoot is going to stay with a couple for a lifetime. 

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A theme can also judge the colour scheme of your entire wedding or just the clothing of your pre wedding shoot attire. Having a hard time thinking of some quirky themes for pre wedding shoot? Check out the ones we got in store for you. 

boat theme

Boat View 

Ever imagined on a shoot in a lake boat? We think you should. It’s mesmerising. The photos turn out amazing and it’ll be a beautiful memory to cherish throughout your life as a couple. 

Finding beautiful lakes in India is not hard, but not every lake may be the one for you. So we suggest going through google images, and reviews of lakes you pick before making your choice. You can try these different, unique poses! 

colour bombs

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Colour Bombs

Find yourself and your baby an empty park or book one because you’re going to use colour bombs. Colour bombs of colours contrasting your attire of personalities could be the idea and playing the shadows could be the concept of the pictures. 

Pick colours that would look beautiful on the photo reel. Colour bombs have been a ver popular choice amongst people in the past few years but it’s been totally worth it. Try it and see it for yourself if you’re a colourful personality. 


Beach Side 

Beach view is great but with an additional view of the mountains is amazing, isn’t it? In India, if you’re looking for such a view, we suggest, Jammu&Kashmir. It’s going to be cold, but totally worth the pictures. 

Jammu&Kashmir is also on our list of ideal honeymoon destination spots in India. It’s beautiful and culturally driven. 


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The Bedroom 

The bedroom is the most playful place for any individual on the planet. Bring a couple, you are bound to enjoy it even more. For a pre-wedding shoot, you can personalise the bedroom with aesthetically appealing things like coffee mugs, pillow cases, notebooks, matching pajama sets and such and get cute adorable pictures. 

As we would do, a ‘skincare time with bae’ would be one while a ‘pillow fight’ could be another. 



Want to overboard? Go underwater! Adding the underwater life to your pre-wedding shoot could be amazing for you. They are colourful and unpredictable. It may not be an ideal choice for every couple but for the ones who really want to go overboard and different, this is for you. (You can add fun games to your mehendi function too)

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Pre-wedding, a lot is to be done. So we suggest you get done with this way before the actual functions for the wedding starts to take place. Else you’re going to be really exhausted. For amazing pictures, you need to connect, energy and time to give in. If you feel there’s something we’re missing, connect with us on Instagram. 

Keep reading HerZindagi for more such quirky and entertaining ways to spice up your wedding!

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