Our wedding day is always perfectly picturised at the back of our heads. Remember how you always wanted to have the perfect fairytale wedding as a child? As you grew up, you realised that this world has no place for fairytales and that dream of you died inside. 

What if we tell you, this wedding is actually possible? Dump the reds and the glitz of the Indian traditional wedding and slide into the dream of your fairytale wedding! 

Here are five simple ways in which you can make your dream wedding come true! 

The Wonderland Invite 

fairytale theme wedding invite

Image Credit: elegantweddinginvites

Every wedding starts with a wedding invite. This invite sets the theme of the wedding. Make sure you choose such colours that are magical. Choose the pinks and the blues, silvers and the goldens. Have a starry theme on the wedding card, if you have a budget, send a single orchid with each. Orchids are sophisticated, light coloured and perfect for a fairytale-themed wedding. 

Declare The Theme 

There is no point in hosting a fairytale-themed wedding when only you have taken the theme seriously. Make sure you have clearly mentioned the theme in the wedding card so that everyone comes well prepared with their looks. It might look a little weird if you are dressed in subtle colours and your guests are wearing tacky sarees. The photographs will look messed up. 

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The Fairland Decor 

fairytale decoration for wedding

Image Credit: images.shaadisaga

Your wedding venue is not just some wedding hall that day. It is a fairyland where you are to tie a knot with your prince charming. The theme of the wedding ceremony will be set with the decor that you have put up. The colours that you must ideally opt for your wedding are light blue and pink, shades of white and ivory, a touch of silver and gold. Have orchids and baby breaths along with other cool colours.

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Twin With Your Love 

anushka sharma virat kohli wedding

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Remember when Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli both wore shades of light pink? Wasn’t that a perfect fairytale wedding? You can’t expect to have a fairytale-themed wedding when only you are in the theme and your finance is wearing a red and golden sherwani. Make sure you both coordinate and look like an ideal match! 

The Dance 

It is a known fact that there is no fairytale unless the prince charming asks the love of his life to dance with him. This one dance is so intense and full of love that it will leave people crying in the audience. If you really want a fairytale-themed wedding, ditch the Punjabi wedding songs and opt for slow music and fine-tunes. Have the lights go dim, and the focus only on the two of you! 

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