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Photography Hacks That Will Boost Your Skill If You Are A Beginner

Photography has become a major hobby for many of us lately. Here are some hacks to enhance your skillset! 
photography hacks for beginners

Photography is a hobby that interests most of us out there. We all have a thing for fancy, good-looking pictures. When it comes to posting pictures and videos on social media handles like Instagram and Facebook, we always pick the best out of the lot from our camera rolls. Here are some hacks to make your photographs look amazing for somebody who is just a beginner! 

Adding Plastic Wrap 

You can use a camera in many ways that you can list down. Try adding a spread of plastic wrap around your camera lens and let the magic happen. 

The plastic wrap will give an edgy finish to your photographs. It will make your photographs seem like a live-action film. 

Like a feature we see on phones, live pictures, the picture after using a plastic wrap on your camera looks pretty similar. 

Using A Glass 

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For a picture with the reflection effect like that of a mirror having been right on your face, you can always use a piece of glass. To make it extra creative, add some stickers to the surface of the glass. 

This frame is best captured within the woods or a greener environment as it captures you in a great blast of colours. It also captures a great photo when the light settings are in a blue tone. 

Using A Projector 

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Many times, in Hollywood shows and movies, we have seen a picture that looks like it has been printed over a person. You can have the exact same picture at home by yourself. 

You can use a projector in a dark room and stand in front of the projector while it is screening on a plain wall. You can use funky imagery and create super creative, funny pictures for your social media handles. 

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Using Utensils 

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Who are we kidding, we all have utensils at home and these can be of great advantage to your photography skill set. 

Place a utensil with tiny holes in a direction through the sun and take a picture as the reflection flashes your face or the desired areas. 

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Taking The Perfect Platter Picture 

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We all love the fancy feast that pulls up on our lunch table as we visit a restaurant and there’s absolutely no chance we want to miss taking a beautiful picture for the gram. 

Taking the perfect picture is the tough part. Not everybody knows how to capture the essence of a picture. 

First, you have to allow the grid option on your camera settings. It will allow you to place your subjects in definite places in a picture. Then you have to place your subjects in the Z-pattern. 

The Z-pattern is what attracts the eye and is mostly used while taking a picture, even for advertisements. 

Were these hacks useful to you? Have you tried them out yet? Connect with us over Instagram and drop us a comment. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more tips and tricks!


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