The people who were born on 5th, 14th and 23rd, their number is 5. The people with number 5 have many qualities as well as demerits. The people with this number are good in logic. There are some characteristics in people with this number that are different from others. 

The ruling planet of this number is Mercury. According to numerology,this year will be very good for you.

Let us tell you that the planet Mercury has been considered to increase intelligence, discretion and decision making ability. It also enhances your thinking ability. 


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This year will be especially good for those people who are associated with the field of beauty, media, writing, etc. These people will experience growth in their career. You will get a lot of support from 3, 6 and 8 numbers. 

Mercury’s job is to make you efficient in multi-tasking. Many a times, you take a lot of work on yourself and complete it in a hurry. You have to avoid haste this year and to strengthen  the planet Mercury, you should include more and more colours from the green family in your lifestyle. 


People who are single and have been avoiding commitment for a long time, they will commit with someone this year. Revive your old and broken relationships. It is possible that you get in a relationship with your old partner. 

On the other hand, married people will have to save their relationship from being boring. Therefore, do something creative with your partner or you can join a good course with your partner. This will get you more and more close to your partner. 

You will get a chance to spend time and lost charm of the relationship will also come back. If you have been dreaming of buying a new home for a long time, then this year that will also be fulfilled.

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In terms of economic condition, this year will be very good for people under the influence of digit 5. However, you will have to do some special work in addition to your regular work. Taking some extra measures will surely benefit you financially. 

As a remedy, you can donate or participate in cleaning work. 

Avoid lending money to anyone this year. Not only this, if you have ever lent money to someone, then  the time has come for you to start asking for that money back. 

This year, if you have to give money to someone or take money from someone, then you should do this work on Wednesday and should do the paperwork on the same day as well. By doing this, you will never get stuck in money matters in future. 

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Avoid junk food this year. Not only this, you have to stay away from stress as well. Due to stress, you will eat something that might worsen your health. So, if you want to be healthy, then eat healthy food only. Apart from this, if you have a habit of betting, then keep yourself away from it.


You should walk on green grass, donate green things as well as wear green clothes. 

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