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Covid 19 Wedding Shenanigans: Most Unique Weddings During The Pandemic

Amid the pandemic, weddings can't take place in a normal manner, therefore people have thought of some of the most unique ideas to get married.
unique corona weddings main

The past two years have not been the best years of our lives, especially for those who were to get married to the love of their life. Many weddings were cancelled while others decided to get married in a small ceremony and invited others via zoom link.

India is a country where weddings are a huge affair with lots of rituals. So, it was difficult for couples to get married in a small ceremony without sharing their special day with their loved ones. Therefore, several couples thought of innovative ideas to get married by adding a twist of corona. Have a look.

Guests Via Google Meet, Food Via Zomato

zomato unique corona weddings

A West Bengal couple is all set to get married with all their loved ones. They have invited 450 guests to their wedding but they still won’t be breaking any Covid rules. Sandipan Sarkar and Aditi Das will get married on January 24 and their guests will attend the ceremony via Google Meet.

One of the most important things during weddings is food. So, the couple got an amazing idea and they are going to get food delivered to all the guests via Zomato. All their loved ones can be a part of their special day with the help of technology.

Roka Ceremony Without Bride And Groom

Two Gujarati families performed the roka ceremony without the bride and the groom. In a viral video, we can see tilak being applied on the screens of the mobile on which the bride-to-be and groom-to-be are connected via video call. One of the family members put a traditional dupatta on the backside of the mobile as if covering the head of the future bride. Again, technology helped a lot.

Wedding In A Chartered Plane Above Meenakshi Temple

chartered flight unique corona weddings

A couple from Madurai tied the knot mid-air in a chartered plane just above the Meenakshi Temple. The couple’s wedding was getting postponed for a long time due to the Covid restrictions. Therefore, they organised this special wedding.

Rakesh and Dakshina rented a plane for 2 hours for their unique wedding ceremony. This way they invited their 161 guests and tied the knot in front of all their loved ones.

Haldi But With Social Distancing

Haldi is one of the most important rituals during a wedding. A mixture of haldi (turmeric), oil and water is applied on the bride and groom to make their skin glow and bless them. However, how can this ritual be carried out while being safe during the pandemic? A family organised a haldi function with social distancing where a woman can be seen dipping a paint roller in the haldi and then applying it to the bride-to-be.

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Mask Pehnayi Ki Rasam

Corona has taught everyone to wear masks at all times. In order to honour this new normal, a bride and groom came up with a new ritual where they make each other wear masks while all the other guests applauded. A viral video of the ‘corona ritual’ went viral and the audience gave this ritual a term, ‘mask pehnayi ki rasam’.

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Groom Tied The Mangalsutra On Mobile

mangalsutra unique corona weddings

Several weddings have happened during this time when the bride and groom were in their respective homes. Similarly, Nadesan and Anjana also didn’t postpone their wedding. Instead, they decided to get married online. The wedding ceremony took place virtually. After the ceremony, Sreejith tied a mangalsutra to the phone as his new wife was on the screen on a video call

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