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Meet Navya Jhunjhunwala, A Young Mind Raising The Graphic Design Game In The US

Navya Jhunjhunwala on how one can have an expanded view of women in graphic design and more. 
Navya Jhunjhunwala designer us

Traditionally, graphic design has always been a male-dominated industry. However, if we go back to the history of design, women too have significantly contributed to this vast field.

If we say, only a few have managed to have a seat at the table. Look closely and you will see the influence of women on graphic design over the past few years and today.

If we speak of some exciting female designers who are making their way up in the graphic space, we can't miss mentioning Navya Jhunjhunwala, a young packaging designer bringing in a fresh perspective to the field with her engaging work. 

We recently had a quick chat with the US-based packaging designer about her work, inspiration, and more. Read on. 

On Her First Few Challenges At Work 

navya jhunjhunwala inspiration

We asked Navya Jhunjhunwala if she faced any challenges when she first stepped into this creative field. She said, "One of the first few challenges I faced was to do with the nature of the field of design, since it can often be subjective. Finding a way to manipulate that subjectivity and turning it into a more objective and informed decision can be tricky. As a designer, I am different from an artist, and therefore cannot create work based on my own thoughts on emotions. I need to find a way to be creative, while also understanding that as a packaging designer my end motive is to speak to the consumer and understand their needs."

On Being A Graphic Designer In The US 

navya graphic design

Image Courtesy: navyajhunjhunwala.myportfolio.com

Born and bred in New Delhi, India, Navya Jhunjhunwala moved to the US in the year 2017 and kick-started her journey as a Packaging Designer. We asked her what it was like to be a graphic designer in the US. "Being a graphic designer in the US is very dynamic and vast. Everything around us is designed - from advertisements on the train to items at a grocery store. Being a graphic designer involves taking a step back and being able to understand the environment as well the consumer that you are designing for," she said. 

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On Inspiration Behind Her Work 

If you follow Navya Jhunjhunwala's work on social media, you know how amazingly talented she is. We asked where does she draw her inspiration for work and designs. She said, "For me, inspiration is everywhere, and New York City is the perfect place to stay inspired. I do look online on Pinterest etc for inspiration, but to me the true inspiration comes when I'm not even looking for it. Walking the streets, seeing street art, store designs, posters and galleries often helps me find unique forms of inspiration. I also take a lot of inspiration from fashion: seeing how people style themselves and the way they interact with others in public teaches me a lot about human behaviour."

navya jhunjhunwala designs

Image Courtesy: navyajhunjhunwala.myportfolio.com

"What excited me the most is how tangible the end result is. Going to a store and seeing people buy something that I have designed feels incredibly rewarding," Navya Jhunjhunwala on what excites her the most about her career. 

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On The World Of Graphic Design For Women 

The history of design has been written by both women and men, but we see only a few women at the top. We asked Navya what she thinks contributes to that.

She said, "Much like other fields, the pay gap between men and women is significant in the field of design as well. Men are often given positions of power that women of the same caliber struggle to achieve, and this is changing slowly. As women, we need to continue to empower each other and help each other succeed instead of competing."

Further, talking about how can we have an expanded view of women in graphic design, she said, "I think representation in design for women is extremely important, and true representation is achieved by not only showing women as role models, but also by having women in high positions within the office itself. When designing advertisements, posters etc, women should be shown as people to look up to, such as CEO's and entrepreneurs, and not only as housewives shown cooking or cleaning. I also think that design influences the way in which people view the world, and therefore having women as high level designers helps show a woman's perspective from inside out."

Lastly, we asked Navya Jhunjhunwala to share some quick tips for those who wish to master the art of graphic design. She said, "Understanding the human psyche and behavior is something I didn't realize the importance of until recently, but I think it's incredibly important in order to create a successful design."

Tell us what are your thoughts on Navya Jhunjhunwala's journey? Share with us on our Facebook page. For more such stories, stay tuned!


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