For anyone who thought they had mastered the art of business communication and etiquette, 2020 and the outbreak of the pandemic has taught us that there’s a whole new world of digital communication that we now need to be savvy with. When the world went into lockdown, the internet and the digital world was the only saving grace for many businesses and professionals.

Meha Bhargava – Stylist and Image Consultant, Founder of Styl Inc, told HerZindagi, that "the internet has now become an extension of the real world and while many of our workplaces are still not open, the same rules of business talk and etiquette are being applied to our zoom calls and social media communication. Business etiquette is as important online as it is offline, and anyone who’s striving to grow professionally in today’s age, must take digital communication seriously."

Here are some tips by her that may help you out to make a good and confident impression:

Video Calls: Your New Boardrooms


The shift from physical boardrooms to virtual ones was something none of us anticipated but had to adjust to. While virtual calls offer the comfort of working from home, it is imperative for any professional to follow the same rules of dressing and body language as they would in their workplace.

The virtual world might seem like it has made life easier, but video calls and emails still act as a barrier for smooth communication and things can sometimes get lost in translation. Clear and professional communication, business dressing, appropriate decorum and the right verbal actions are still appreciated in workplaces, be it in person or virtual.

Communicating Your Image On Social Media

In today’s day and age, all of us have a digital presence be it on professional websites like LinkedIn and Behance or networking websites like Instagram and Facebook. While we might be misguided into taking social media lightly, it is one of the most important aspects of our social and professional lives these days.

Even before you walk into a room for an interview or start a new job, your superiors form an opinion about you based on what they see on your socials. Therefore, it is essential to keep your professional accounts clean, not post anything personal on them and talk about issues that matter most to you. Always remember that your social media is an extension of who you are in a world where with a sudden blow, we were all confined to working from home and the only communication we had was through these websites. 

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Interview Etiquette

Giving interviews and applying for jobs is an inevitable part of every professional’s life and one must always be armed with a well drafted resume and a confident stature for interviews. However, in a world that is increasingly being digitised, it is imperative to practice the right etiquette for video interviews. Remember, practice leads to perfection.


Hence practice your speech and train your facial expressions because human interactions are heavily based on facial cues. Open your eyes, raise your brows, do not furrow or frown. Relax your jaw, smile, don't hunch maintain a straight yet relaxed posture. Being at home doesn’t mean one can take interviews lightly.

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We understand the temptation of wearing your pajamas all day, but remember that first impressions are still as important, and the way you dress for interviews is still one of the most important aspects of how you are perceived by your employer. Your attire is considered the most visible parts of our appearance. 


While sitting for video interviews, we suggest you always dress in your best formals, keep your background clean, tie your hair into a tidy hairstyle and check your camera and mic beforehand to avoid distractions. Choose what to wear for your interview, find the right look.

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