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    Wedding Season Special: Mistakes That Every Bride Should Avoid!

    If you are a bride-to-be then avoid making these mistakes before the wedding and tone down the stress simply by taking the easier route.
    Published -21 Jun 2020, 12:00 ISTUpdated -21 Nov 2021, 19:52 IST
    mistakes brides avoid

    When a marriage is scheduled even though at the end of the year, there is never too much time on hand. There are so many things that need to be coordinated from the venue to the guest list, the caterers, the clothes, footwear, the number of functions and if it is a typical fat Indian wedding then it gets crazier. Amidst this, one more thing that is important is the health of the bride and the common mistakes that most brides-to-be make.

    So here is a list my newly married best friend handed to me and I thought why not share it with Hz readers as well. No matter how alert you are and how great a reputation you have for your organisational skills, you are bound to make a mistake. So hopefully these pointers will help you. 

    Crash Dieting

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    Just to fit into a certain dress or look thin at their wedding, brides go on a crash diet which they do not realise, harms their metabolism, and can lead to skin problems and even PCOD. It is better that you seek professional help and go on a diet suggested to you by a nutritionist. Do not become your own fitness experts or nutritionists.

    Ignoring Yourself

    Quit going by what all brides are doing. Get what you always wanted when it comes to clothes, the fabric, the footwear, and not what that actress wore wherever. Choose the music you like and resonates with your relationship not what friends say as, after all, it is your wedding.

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    Don't Experiment With Your Hair Do For Wedding Day

    The hairdo might look nice or might not, the foremost point is that your should feel comfortable on your wedding day. Don't experiment just because you saw it somewhere on the net. If you are comfortable, you will look good as well. 

    Trying On Dresses

    wedding dress

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    Selecting your wedding dress is fun but a task as well. It has to be perfect not just look and feel wise but also when we think of comfort, it should fit the bill. Don't fall into the trap of the seller, he or she has to finish their stock! Take your time, start the hunt a few months before so that you don't give in to any kind of pressure and then buy when you are totally satisfied.

    Creating A Budget

    wedding budget

    It is very important that you create a budget for your wedding or else there is no end to it. Make sure you jot down the expenditure and not end up spending on things you may not even need. 

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    Wedding Planner

    These days when you can then why not hire a wedding planner who will take away half of your stress?! Don't rule out the possibility of hiring one as it will make your wedding go smoother.


    eating on time

    At the wedding, many brides do not feed themselves with so much stress and guests visiting you. This may end up giving you a migraine or worse! This is just not what you want at your wedding so why not keep chomping on some snacks

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    These are some of the pointers that are crucial and every bride needs to remember this besides the fact that you enjoy the entire process and remember this time may not come back.

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