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    Lunar Eclipse 2021: Impact Of The Upcoming Chandra Grahan On All Zodiac Signs

    The last lunar eclipse of this year will take place on 19th November. This one will last for about 6 hours. 
    Published -10 Nov 2021, 10:42 ISTUpdated -17 Nov 2021, 16:51 IST
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    2021's last lunar eclipse will take place on Friday, 19th November. The partial lunar eclipse will last for about 6 hours as per reports. It is a lunar eclipse when the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon. During the lunar eclipse, the earth moves between the Sun and the Moon and obstructs the sunlight reflected by the lunar surface. 

    2021's Partial Lunar Eclipse

    As aforementioned, this last lunar eclipse will be partial and it means that the Earth will move between the Sun and the Moon but the three will not be perfectly aligned. 

    Lunar Eclipse 2021 Date And Time

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    Reportedly, the lunar eclipse will take place on 19th November 2021 starting 11.30 am Indian time and end at 05:33 pm. This partial lunar eclipse will not be visible in India except Arunachal Pradesh and Assam. Outside India, the eclipse will be visible in Australia, US, East Asia, Northern Europe and the Pacific Ocean region. 

    Astrology And Lunar Eclipse 

    This year's longest lunar eclipse will take place on Kartik Poornima. As per astrology, Moon is related to the mind and mother. As per mythology, lunar eclipse occurs when negative plants Rahu and Ketu attack the Moon. 

    We spoke to Astrologer Dr. Aarti Dahiya and asked her the effects of this upcoming lunar eclipse on the 12 zodiac signs. Read on to know your horoscope.


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    There are chances of financial profit. All your work will be done as you planned. However, keep a check on your health. 


    This year's lunar eclipse will have a major effect on this zodiac sign. Avoid getting into arguements with anyone. There can be some disturbance in married life. Try to maintain a good relationship with your partner. You might get some financial gain.

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    Avoid going out during the lunar eclipse as it can be harmful. This eclipse will bring positivity for you. Expenses will increases but you will remain financially strong. You will be able to get victory over your enemies.


    This lunar eclipse will bring along luck for this zodiac sign. You may get a lot of profits suddently. There are chances of getting benefit from ancestral property. By the end of this year, a news will make your family happy. You may lose money due to unecessary expenses. Good time for job or business as profits will be made. 

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    You might get some good news after this lunar eclipse. Those looking for a job will get success. Those having their own business might suffer from financial losses but will get full support from their family.


    There can be an increase in the suffering of already ongoing diseases. Stay alert. Financial problems might increase. 


    This zodiac sign should avoid unecessary expenses. There can be some health issues. Along with worry, there can be some issues with children too.  

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    Keep a check on your health. There are chances of dispute in the family. There can be financial loss too. So, keep a check on your expenses, avoid unecessary expenditure. 


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    Those looking for a match for marriage might find trouble finding a partner. Those already married too will have trouble with their life partner. It is best to avoid debate. The lunar eclipse is indicating financial loss. Enemies will be defeated and health will remain good. 


    Financial condition will remain good for this zodiac sign. Students will get success in the field of education. There are chances that students under this zodiac sign get an opportunity to go out. It is a great time for traders too.


    This lunar eclipse might not be in your favour as your mother's health might deteriorate. You can get profit from a land or vehicle. There can be ups and downs in business. You might get money. To prevent lunar eclipse effect on your sign, do remedies to strengthen the moon sign. Donate white things to the needy and by the end of this year, all your problems will be over. 


    This zodiac sign should avoid any kind of debate with people around. There can be bitterness with someone in close relationship. In case you are awaiting results for your court case, you might hear good news. 

    The lunar eclipse will have a mix of good and bad effects on all zodiac signs. During the eclipse, the expert shared that one must recite Hanuman Chalisa, Durga Chalisa, Vishnu Sahasranama, Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta etc. Chanting Lord Shiva and Moon mantras can give benefits. After the eclipse, one should donate milk, rice, grains after consulting an astrologer. 

    If you have any questions related to the upcoming lunar eclipse, write to us on our Facebook page and we will try to get them answered for you by our expert. For more such astro tips, stay tuned! 

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