If you love reading about your zodiac signs and their predictions then you are at the right place! Our tarot card reader, Jeevika Sharma is here with a list of 5 zodiac signs who might have a bit of a dual personality.


Geminis with dual personality

Gemini carries two sets of personalities inside them. In their case, their one side is not fully aware of the existence of the other. These two personalities are the polar opposites of each other. Their different personalities are often reflected in their actions but they hardly ever notice it. They hardly realise that they have different personalities.

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cancers with dual personalities

Cancerians too have two personalities. One is what they show publicly while the other one always stays hidden. They reflect an image to the world which projects them to be soft. On the other hand they keep the manipulative side hidden as they use it secretively and only when they need to.


Virgos with dual personalities

Virgos tend to possess two sets of personalities where one is extremely positive which shows respect and encouragement. Their other personality is extremely negative which likes to humiliate people, demotivate them and do everything to put them down. Their negative side can put them into danger and can also ruin their relationships with other people.

Jeevika on Pisces withg dual personality

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Aquarius with dual personality

Aquarius have two personalities but it is the way they conduct themselves that hardly anyone ever notices the differences in their personalities. Their actions show them to be very caring and emotional but in reality they hardly ever bother. It is just their way of luring people to their side. Aquarius never wants to show their negative side to anyone.


Pisces with dual personality

Pisces often tend to have a dual personality as shown by their zodiac sign. Their one side is emotional and the other side reflects their selfish and clever nature. Both the sides are well aware of the presence of the other but; Pisces usually tries to hide the existence of their selfish and clever side from everyone.

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