If you love reading about your zodiac signs and their predictions then you are at the right place! Our tarot card reader, Jeevika Sharma is here with a list of 5 zodiac signs who are the not at all marriage material.


Taurus sun sign

Taurus are the authoritative type. They want to rule their life as well as the lives of other people. They are dominant and highly goal oriented in their career. In terms of personal life their marital life always comes after their career.

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cancer sun sign

Cancer can be considered to not be marriage material because they always cry over little things and need their partner to keep pampering them every minute. They might not understand the emotions of their partner.

jeeviks sharma quote on aquarius


leo sun sign

Leo is another zodiac sign which cannot be considered to be marriage material because they will take initiative towards their partner but only for a limited period of time. When they are bored they hardly care about their partner and keep themselves busy with some other work.


virgo sun sign

They are usually not considered to be marriage material because of their very nature. They unintentionally make fun of their partner, put them down or even humiliate their partner. This behaviour pushes their partner away from them.

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aquarius sun sign

People of the zodiac sign of Aquarius are not marriage material as they are a bit too much involved with themselves and that they hardly care about their partner. They are self-centred. And, they even take years to develop an emotional bond with their partner.

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