If you were born on the 6th, 15th, or 24th day of the month, the number 6 will govern you, and Venus is the owner of this number. This year's horoscope is also influenced by the planet Venus, and if Venus is weak in your horoscope, you have to use the Venus' colours to strengthen it. You can wear clothes with floral prints, shimmery fabrics, multi colors, bright colors etc.

People with the number 6 are quite appealing, and since the effect of Venus is there in 2022, this year will be particularly favourable for those with the number 6.  The people of this number like indulgence, luxury and material pleasures. They are not only beautiful and attractive in appearance, but they are also easily attracted to people.  There is no shortage of money with them, so it is in their habit to spend extravagantly. But what does the future hold for people with this number in 2022, and what challenges will they confront? Let us know from Numerology expert Dr Shefali Garg.


professional number six

This year will be excellent in terms of both job and business. Your work speed will grow, and you will achieve a lot of career achievements. As August arrives, your work will be so well received that you will not believe in yourself. Well, the entire year will be good for your career. This year will also provide you with numerous opportunities. If you've been looking for a job for a long time, you'll be able to find one this year.


In terms of health, this year may be a bit concerning for you. This year, especially if you already have a bone-related issue, you must take extra care of yourself.  Not only this, you may get a problem of urine infection . Also, if you have a sugar or diabetic problem, you should not ignore it and firmly stick to the food plan prescribed by your doctor.

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love life for no

If the person with Number 6 is single, they will find a partner by June. On the other hand, if you are already committed, then you can go ahead and marry your partner this year. However, married couples will have to be a little careful this year. When it comes to number 6, relationships are the one that are most affected. This year you may get confused and your steps may stutter but try to remain loyal to your partner and stop doubting him. If you are successful in doing this, then your married life will go very well.


finance no six

You must be careful not to spend more than you make this year. You will have many opportunities to attend social functions this year, but you must exercise restraint. Not only that, but you'll have plenty of chances to wander about, but try not to spend money every time. If you do this, you may find yourself in financial difficulty in the future. Spend only after you've set your budget; otherwise, you'll find yourself in a lot of trouble.

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You can install a fountain facing North in your house. Apart from this, you can keep a picture of water running in this direction or a jug full of water, which will also help you to keep your stress away.

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