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7 Things To Look For In Your Potential Partner

Choosing the right partner is an important decision. So, if you want to know if your potential partner is the one, look for these signs in them.
Published -25 Nov 2021, 08:00 ISTUpdated -25 Nov 2021, 00:44 IST
potential partner

Beautiful relationships come with an unexplained magical feeling that has the potential to aid in healing and help you be the best version of yourself. However, it is not the case in every relationship. While some relationships might help you heal, many others can cause you more harm. That is why it is important to invest in the people who bring you joy, support you, lift you up, and help you stay happier and healthier. 

While having chemistry between two people is a great sign for a relationship, it does not meet all of the criteria necessary for your relationship. Here are the other things that you need to look for in your potential partner.

1. Honesty

Honesty is very important in a relationship which tends to make bonds stronger. You have to ensure that the person is telling you the truth, no matter how difficult and unpleasant they are to hear. Look for someone whose words match their actions and who is open about their feelings. It is better to be with someone who tells you what’s on their mind rather than making such topics taboo or off limits, which eventually create a sense of secrecy.

2. Independent

independence in relationship

The old thinking that 'a relationship is a way for two people to become one' sounds great on paper, but it is not a very good thing in real life. Attempting to merge your identity with someone else is not a very wise thing too. When a person becomes too needy, clingy and dependent, it may start to feel toxic which can drain our energy in many ways. Look for a partner who understands independence and gives you your space to grow too. Staying independent in a relationship allows you and your partner the opportunity to grow together as a couple and as individuals.

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3. Emotional Intelligence

emotional intelligence

Every person has some flaws, and if you're seeking a perfect one without any flaws , you'll probably be disappointed. What you should rather look for is a person with emotional maturity, which means a person with the ability to recognize their own flaws as well as accept yours with an open mind. These people are not afraid of commitment and understand the importance of emotionally investing in a relationship.

4. Respectful

Look for a partner who will treat you with respect. They should respect everything about you, including your opinions, ideas, career aspirations, and so on. Make sure he doesn't feel worried about you living your life on your own terms.

5. Reliable

Do check if you can rely on the person or not. The world is already kinda hard enough and with a non reliable partner, the tension increases.

6. Sensitive

sensitive partner

A man you intend to spend so much time with should be sensitive to your requirements and empathetic to your feelings. You shouldn't have to spend your life with a person who isn't interested in what's going on in your life or who doesn't understand how you feel. This is a very valuable attribute to look for in your partner.

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7. Clear Communication

clear communication

Your potential partner should be someone with whom you can talk anything clearly without worrying about anything and they should be able to do so with you too. 

We all know that no one is perfect and that everyone can have some flaws. However, you must determine whether or not their behaviour is harmful or toxic to you.

Keep this in mind, If someone is dragging you down, you have to let go of that person. 

If you think you have found the listed qualities in your partner, then that's a very good sign. 

We wish you the best of luck and hope for a fabulous future. 

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