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    Love And Relationship 2022: Astrologer Predicts Horoscope For All Zodiac Signs

    Will it be a challenging year or a smooth ride for you in terms of love and relationship? Read a detailed prediction.
    Updated at - 2021-12-23,15:42 IST
    love marriage relationship horoscope

    We are sure you are curious to know what impact will the coming year have on your love and married life. We spoke to our astro expert Pandit Saurabh Tripathi and asked him to share his prediction on love and marital relationships in the coming year for all zodiac signs. Read on to know. 


    It will be a highly emotional and romantic year for you ahead. The love of your life will enter your life at the beginning of the year. Soon when the planet Jupiter will join Venus in your horoscope, your relationship with your parnter will be strengthened. 

    If you are married, keep your personal and professional life separate. Avoid interfering in your partner's work. If you are planning to get married, make sure you don't do it in a hurry. You will find a new partner if you are single. 


    aries taurus love horoscope

    In 2022, you will take your relationship one step ahead. In the second half of the year, you might suffer from some issues in your relationship because of your thoughts not working well with your partner. However, overall it will be a happy year with your partner. If you are married, your partner will encourage you and inspire you to move forward in life. 

    Spend more time with your partner and have faith in them no matter what. Make sure you don't hide things from your partner. Never give someone else more importance in front of someone else or it can lead to a quarrel. 


    There can be issues in your married life due to the position of Mars in your horoscope. If you are planning for love marriage then your family members can create obstacles. You will see improvement in your love life in the first quarter of the year. For married couples, love will be in the air but by the end of the year, get ready for a roller coaster ride. 

    Try to give some space to your partner. Take care of their health. Do not pressurise your partner for anything and support them through thick and thin. 


    gemini cancer  love horoscope

    In terms of your relationship, it will be a peaceful year for you ahead. If you are planning to conceive, it will come true this year. If you are newly married, you will be able to spend a lot of time with your partner. It will also be a good year for you if you are in a relationship. As the year progresses, you will have a better understanding with your partner. 

    If you have a dispute with your partner, try to settle the matter. Support your partner through all the phases. Do not be completely dependent on your partner if married. 


    For this zodiac sign, 2022 will be a good year in terms of love and romance. In between April and September, there are high chances of getting a good news. In the last 2 months of the year, you will be able to spend good time with your lover. Some people might want to take their relationship to the next level. Married couples will get a chance to travel with their partner. 

    If you are in love with someone, let your family know. If you are single, try to meet someone through your friends, it can be your life partner. Make sure you think twice before taking any big decisions. 


    virgo leo love horoscope

    Single virgo natives might fall in love in 2022. Those already in love will see a lot of ups and downs in the coming year. For married couples, it will be a great year, especially October to December. 

    Spend as much time as you can with your partner. Avoid getting into any dispute with your partner. 


    2022 is an auspicious year for Libras in terms of love and marriage. You will witness some changes in your life in the first quarter of the year. You might feel stressed initially but things will get better with the second quarter. If you are married, you might have to compromise in the mid of the year. 

    Don't hold back when it comes to making a compromise for your spouse. Make sure you are gently with your partner. If there are any issues, sit down and talk it out. 

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    scorpio libra love horoscope

    In the coming year, you will see a lot of improvement in your love life. Your life will be full of romance with the beginning of the year. You will have unexpected expectations with your partner. There are chances of you receiving expenses gifts from your partner. If you are married, you will have good relation with your partner. Take special care of your partner's health in 2022. 

    Surprise your partner, listen to them and understand what they say. Keep your expectations low. 


    There will be a lot of love coming your way in 2022 but you will have disputes with your partner too. In the beginning of the year, the conflicts in your love life will increase. You might feel very emotional during this time. In the month of February, you might go on a trip with your partner. You will try to resolve any disputes with your partner. April, July and September will be the best months for you in terms of love. 

    Try to understand your partner as much as you can. However, don't force your partner to agree with you. 

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    saggitarius horoscope

    It will be a good year for this sun sign because of the presence of Rahu present in the 5th house of your horoscope. There will be sweetness in your relationship and you will spend good time with your partner. May will be a great month for you, favourable in terms of relationship. If things work for you, you can take your relationship forward. 

    Stay as close as possible with your partner. If there is any dispute, don't get angry. Avoid any misunderstanding with your partner. 


    2022 will be a favourable year for you in terms of love. Your partner will be successful in keeping you happy throughout the year. There will be a transit of Jupiter to your zodiac sign and this may result in you deciding to get married this year. 

    If you are in a love affair, let your parents know. However, don't rush for marriage. 


    pisces love horoscope

    In terms of your love life, 2022 will be a less favourable year for you. There will be a lot of problems in your love life. You will see a lot of ups and downs from the very beginning of the year. Between January and April, it will be a much more favourable time for love. 

    Try to spend more time with your partner and avoid fighting. 

    We hope you have a great year ahead. For more such astro related articles, stay tuned!


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