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Zodiac Signs And Their Best Friends

Know your best friends according to their star signs.
  • Jeevika Sharma
  • Editorial
Published -05 Oct 2021, 10:52 ISTUpdated -05 Oct 2021, 11:13 IST
zodiac signs best friends according to the sign

If you love reading about your zodiac signs and their predictions then you are at the right place! Our tarot card reader, Jeevika Sharma here to give you all the deets on your best friend according to your star sign. So tighten your seatbealts and get ready to fall in love.


Aries thinks that they can be best friends with anyone. But, in reality they end up being good friends with only Leo, Taurus, Libra and Scorpio. Aries by nature are very calculative in everything they do. Hence, only these signs can find it easy to be in contact with Aries.


Taurus have a habit of observing people deeply and wait for the right person to be best friends with. They are mostly good friends with Sagittarius, Cancer and Pisces. This is because these are the signs that are kind hearted.

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Gemini make best friends with Leo and Pisces only. Leo being active like Gemini and Pisces being emotional fulfils both the sides of a Gemini.


Capricorn, Virgo and Sagittarius generally tend to make best friends with Cancer. This is because the three zodiac signs understand the emotions of Cancer and are largely practical while making life decisions.

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Scorpio, Sagittarius and Aquarius are usually the zodiac signs which become best friends with Leo. This is mainly due to the fact that all the three signs are stubborn, independent and happy go lucky like Leo. Leo generally prefers like-minded people for friends.

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There are only two zodiac signs who become best friends with Virgo which are Aquarius and Libra. Virgo tends to prefer Aquarius and Libra for best friends because they are fast in making decisions.


Taurus and Gemini are the two zodiac signs who are more suited to be best friends with a Libra. Just like Libra both Taurus and Gemini have a real image along with carrying a fake image which they project before others.


When a Scorpion looks for someone to be best friends with, they prefer a person who has the ability to take risks. Capricorn and Libra are natural risk takers like Scorpio which is why the three get together well.

sun sign


Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces can be their best friends with Sagittarius due to the reason that they have a good perspective about the people around them.


Aries, Virgo and Sagittarius are the zodiac signs who make best friends of Capricorn. Aries are good at finances like Capricorn. Virgos share the similar practicality. And, Sagittarius maintain a good balance between their personal and professional life the same way as Capricorns.

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Aquarius usually don't have so-called ‘best friends’ because they either show or feel themselves to be superior to others. If there is a zodiac with whom they are on friendly terms then it is Scorpio. It is only with Scorpio that Aquarius can be good friends.


Cancer, Taurus and Gemini are the sun signs whom Pisces consider as their best friends. Pisces identify their sensitive nature with Cancerian. With Taurus they share their innocence. Whereas, with Gemini they share their similarity of working hard. These are the reasons why Pisces consider them to be their best friends.

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