Use These Slangs In Your Everyday Conversation To Make An Impression

English slang terms have started to become a part of regular conversation.

Lakshita Singh
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The world around us keeps evolving and the way we talk keeps upgrading. And, in order to keep up in the world, we must keep adding the latest words in our vocabulary. As we've grown older, we've seen numerous slang come and go, and if you're a 90's kid, the transition can be overwhelming. But to keep you updated on common slangs, here's a list of common slangs with meaning that will keep you updated about the latest style of communicating. Add these slangs into your everyday conversation to appear updated and to impress those around you with your style of speaking.

What Is Slang?

The term "slang" refers to informal vocabulary words that are not typically found in dictionaries. They are more common in spoken language and they often stay in fashion for a short time.

Since many of these slang terms may have multiple meanings, you'll need to pay close attention to the context of a conversation to use them effectively.

Current Common Slang Terms

Here are some common slang terms and their meanings that are used in everyday conversations. Make a positive impression by using these terms fluently in your daily informal chat.

1. Getting Hitched

Meaning- Getting married

getting hitched

This is one of the most used slang which is used to describe a couple getting married. This popular phrase originated in America in the late 1500s to the early 1600s and was used to describe tying horses to wagons.

Example: Aashna is getting hitched to his college Boyfriend.

2. Pig Out

Meaning- To eat a lot

pig out

People frequently use the term "pig out" when they intend to or have consumed a large meal or an excessive amount of food. Pig out is sometimes used to describe a cheat day or a time when they treat themselves.

Example: I pigged out on KFC Burgers and then slept the rest of the afternoon.

3. Ace

Meaning- To pass a test with extremely good results.

The term "ace" is used interchangeably to express excellence.

Example- I think Mehak is going to ace the science test.

4 . A Blast

Meaning- Thrilling experience

a blast

A blast is a term used to describe any event or experience that was thoroughly enjoyed.

Example- The Friday night party was a blast!

5. In No Time

Meaning- Almost instantly or immediately

In no time is a term used to describe something that will be completed quickly and in very less time.

Example- The food will be prepared in no time.

6. Lighten Up

Meaning- Relax and less serious

Lighten up is used one someone tells the other person to take things less seriously and relax.

Example: Oh, lighten up! She was just joking about your marks.

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7. Lame

Meaning- Something intended to be funny or entertaining but is actually dull and boring.


Lame is a word used frequently by Generation Z to indicate anything less entertaining and more boring.

Example- Raj is telling a lame joke.

8. Screw Up

Meaning- To make a big mistake

The term screw up is used when someone does something badly or makes a big mistake.

Example: I think Raj screwed up his relationship with his parents.

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9. Wasted

Meaning- Very drunk

Wasted is used to describe a person who is way too drunk to do anything.

Example: She was too wasted to go home.

10. Trashy

Meaning- Poor quality and bad looking

Trashy word is used to describe things of poor quality or worthless.

Example: This Facebook page is full of trashy content.

To use these slangs in your daily conversation, first you should practice these with your friends and close ones.

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