A Guide To The Best NightLife In India

India is famous not only for its history, heritage, and traditions, but also for its glitzy nightlife.

Alice Mary Topno
glitzy nightlife

From the lofty Himalayas to the rolling sea waves, India has it all. However, many of us hunt for venues to party in India in between all of our sightseeing. Nightlife in India is very important to city dwellers, and if you are a traveler looking for the best spots to party in India, you need to go no further. When it comes to partying, each city has its unique selling point, and here is a detailed guide to nightlife throughout India.

1. Mumbai

urban cities

Nights in the urban cities refuse to end in this lovely city of high-end parties. Bollywood, the Hindi film industry, is particularly well-known in the city. Juhu and Bandra are two of the most popular nightlife destinations, but there are other areas of the city where you may party. You can go to Kitty Su, Playboy Club, and other places for a fun night out.

2. Bengaluru


Bengaluru is recognized for its young population and for being a location that knows how to party. One of the most essential elements of Bengaluru is that it is renowned as India's Rock Capital, with a plethora of musical events taking place every month. However, this does not rule out the possibility of a party in the city for rock music fans. There are always EDM and house music parties going on in the city.

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3. Goa


Isn't it no surprise that everyone comes to Goa to party? Beautiful beaches abound in this gorgeous state, and the beach festivities never end! Year-end parties are particularly popular in Goa, but you can anticipate a party atmosphere at any time of year. Goa's visitors may enjoy everything from beach parties to high-end nightclubs. One of the best parts about partying in Goa is that the state has casinos where you can gamble legally!

4. Delhi


In terms of partying, India's capital isn't far behind, albeit with a little more bling and glamour. Delhi enjoys partying, but much more so, it enjoys getting drunk. So, on any given weekend, something is going on somewhere in the city. If you're looking for a wide range of selections, go to Hauz Khas Village, where you'll find them all lined up in one alleyway. Then there'sConnaught Place, which is well-known in Lutyen's Delhi.

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5. Pune


Pune is another city recognized for its youthful vibe, and it, too, offers fantastic partying opportunities. The city offers some lovely drinking establishments with predominantly young patrons, so you can expect to have a great night and meet a lot of new people. Mi A Mi, The Ship, and Swig are just a few of the pubs worth mentioning. At Penthouse Nightlife, you can dance the night away, or at Le Meridien Hotel, you can Scream!

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