Are you a 90's baby who was a young adult a decade ago? Reaching adulthood is already overwhelming but witnessing the change in our common slang makes us even more emotional. With the growing Gen Z generation, we witnessed many millennial slangs getting renamed. If you're a millennial, look at what your common slangs are called now by this new generation. And if you're a gen Z, have a look at what was cool before you.

Generation Divide

  • Millennials- The babies born between the year 1981 to 1996 come under the generation name, "Millennials". They are called so because they became adults at the turn of the millennium. The other name for Millennials is "GenY". This generation rose with the rise of the internet.
  • Gen Z-  The babies born between the year 1997 to 2012 come under the generation name, "Gen Z". The other name for gen Z is "iGen". With the advent of social media, the worsening of the climate crisis and many other socio-political pressures, Gen Z is considered as the most depressed generation but who are most likely to engage in social activism.
  • Gen Alpha- Gen Alpha is the latest generation with babies born from 2013- 2025.


The Slang Shift From Millennials To GenZ

Dope - On Point/ Fleek


Something that amazes or just hits all of the senses was called Dope. Among the gen Z, it's called On Point or Fleek.

As Hell - AF

To put emphasis on something, As Hell was used. Now instead of that, AF is commonly used.

Goss - Tea

Spilling gossip, which was once called Goss, now is called Tea. 

OMG - Shook

omg shook

The common reaction for something shocking or surprising was OMG. The more popular term used by gen Z is Shook. And I am shook!

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Bomb - Snacc

While complimenting our bestie, millennials used "you look bomb, babe", the new generation goes like, "you're looking snacc".

Carpe Diem - YOLO

Millenial's Carpe Diem which means living in the moment is now gen Z's YOLO (you only live once).

Normie - Basic

Millennials called a very very average person as Normie. GenZ uses a very basic word for them, that is Basic.

RAD - Sick

Something so good that it was unbelievable, the millennials called it RAD, while gen Z uses the word Sick.

Fangirling - Stan

Fangirling over someone, mostly on Celebs was called Fangirling, which is now called Stan.

BFFs - Squad


The term given to super best friends was BFF's by the millennials but generation Z uses Squad instead.

Cool - Chill

A calm state of mind, which was once Cool, is now Chill.

Ship - OTP

Fangirling over your favourite couple which is now called OTP(one true pair), was earlier Ship.

Lusty - Thirsty

Lusty is now thirsty which is used to refer to the desire for someone who is exceptionally attractive.

Dirty Talk - Sexting

The A-rated conversations done between lovers were called Dirty Talks which is now called Sexting.


Nickname for your love interest by millenials was commonly Boo. Now, it is BAE, whose expansion is Before Anyone Else.

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Rocking - Lit

The rocking weekend plans/parties are now called LIT plans or parties.

Chuck It - Canceled

Dismissing something that you dislike was earlier called Chuck it. It's now called Cancelled.


The reaction after finding something extremely hilarious was earlier ROFL, which is now DED.

Sassy - Savage

The one over the top friend from the group whom millennials called Sassy will now be called SAVAGE!

Let's see how long it takes for Gen Alpha to grow up enough and start their own slang, leaving Gen Z behind. Can't wait to see what they will bring to the table. 

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