Body positivity has been in talks for a very long time. While everyone talks about being body positive and showing self-love, there has been nothing but loathe towards bodies that do not fit the ‘ideal body type’. This loathe generates from society and finds itself slowly creeping into the mind of the individual. It takes years to love our body, but just a tiny mark, blemish, love handle is enough to look at the mirror and find ourselves ugly. While we have a lot of stories on body positivity, how is it to be shamed about one’s body in the profession of fashion? In a profession that is assumed to be about the perfect body type, how does it feel to be called out for the same?

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Who Is Komal Pandey?

Komal Pandey is a very famous Indian fashion and beauty influencer. She makes videos on youtube as well as Instagram and has 979K and 1.4M followers respectively. She is known for her unique content creations, fashion statements and is the best at what she does. However, do we know about the back story of Komal Pandey? Behind the glitz and glam of fashion, what is the story of Komal Pandey?

Komal Pandey's Journey Through Body Shaming

In one of her videos on Youtube, Komal Pandey shared how she was extremely thin as a child, so much so that she was taken to a doctor to help her with the same. Soon after a few years, she gained a lot of weight, and then all through her school life, she was a chubby child. When college started she got into a relationship with a boy for four years after which he left her for another girl. That was when she started blogging. Her second relationship also went about the same way where she got dumped over another woman. This is where she started to feel insecure about her body. About how she looked. She began therapy and within a year, as she started to feel much better. However, her followers could not accept the change in her. They started to have a problem with her new style of content creation, her more bold looks. They started to call her names like “fake” and “slutty”. 

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Komal Pandey's Strive To succeed

Komal Pandey continues to be a fearless fashion influencer who knows no boundaries when it comes to fashion. Her content is that of very high quality and her style is unique. However, the one thing that has been constant in her journey is body shaming. Even today, if you happen to open any one of her videos and scroll through the comments, you will find at least five comments about her body. Some calling her ‘bony’, some calling her ‘flat’. Fashion has become such an industry where no matter what your proficiency is, no matter how innovative your ideas are, everything boils down to your body and its shape(here is how you can stop caring about your looks!). What the people who constantly fire hate from their side of the screen don’t understand is that fashion influencers, actresses, beauty, and makeup artists, no matter how perfect they look, are humans too. It has become very important to acknowledge and appreciate all the women out there especially the ones who create fashion content because no matter what they do they always face hate. 

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Komal Pandey And The Social Media Criticism

Very recently, Komal Pandey’s lips were a matter of discussion in her comment section(read about lip makeup). While some found it absurd, some thought it was better than her previous one. The issue here is that when it comes to fashion influencers we tend to think that every fashion decision they make is up for discussions and debates. Everything gets down to a debate of “in my opinion..”. No, no one asked for your opinion. She is an influencer, agreed but she has a life too. She can make decisions for herself. Being a fashion influencer and dealing with so much hate about one’s body is an extremely emotionally taxing experience and that is what we have been putting these women through. It is a shame to be living in a society where the talent of every woman is overlooked because it seems more appropriate to first discuss the size of her breasts, the colour of her skin, or her lips.

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When will we start to see women as who they are and not what their bodies look like? Stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such content.