We live in a world that preaches us about how looks can be deceiving, how all that glitters is not gold, and how we must not judge a book by its cover but contradicting its own words the society judges us, talks behind our backs, and makes us conscious about ourselves. But it is not entirely society’s fault that you feel insecure about your looks, it is yours. No one can make you feel bad about yourself if you don’t allow them to. 

Moreover, evolving and growing as an individual and accepting your reality is the right thing to do. When you are confident about yourself, nothing can hurt you, after all, looks actually are meaningless. There is no parameter, no judgment to be passed, it's your life choices that eventually hurt you or make you feel good. So, evolve as a wise human being and stop caring about looks. Read the article to find some strong reasons why you should be doing so.

You Will Be Confident Like Never Before

you will be confident

The different factors that make you look how you look are the quirks of your appearance and instead of comparing them with others or the beauty standards of society, you should embrace them cheerfully.  Once to embrace yourself completely from head to toe there is nothing that can shake your confidence. And the more you keep accepting your appearance the more self-love(tips to love yourself) you will feel. This in turn will never stop growing and making you more confident about yourself each day.

Looks Can Control You To See Only The Negatives In Others

If you are someone who only goes by looks, then let us tell you that looks are misleading. In the right can you really guarantee a person who doesn’t look good is bad and someone who has the perfect features is a great, kind person? Not at all. People are not good or bad as per their looks, they are what they become by choice. And thus, if looks matter to you the most then you might not be able to see the good in others at all. You would just be concerned about one’s looks and be forced to see the negative in them in order to judge them.

You Are Beautiful In Your Own Way

you are beautiful in your own way

There is absolutely no denying the fact that each person on this planet has his own special set of traits and talents and there is absolutely no parameter of beauty to compare yourself to. The beauty standards that exist are completely shallow. We are all equal as human beings and we have our own specialties.

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You Won’t Be Guilty Of Judging Others

don't judge others

When looks won’t matter to you anymore, you will no longer be guilty of judging others. Simply because you wouldn’t really care about how people are superficial. And once you do speak to the other person, you will understand that looks aren’t really a big deal. The world needs kinder and better people with a broad mind and goodwill for others.

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You Will Be Able To Help Others With Negative Body Image

love yourself and others

Once you realise that the importance of our looks, established in society is absolutely baseless and we must stop caring about it, then you will be more empowered and motivated to uplift others who get trapped in the cages of appearance and negative body image(body image issues). And this will not only make others happy but it will reward you on a whole different level.

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So, how accepting are you about your looks let us know in the comment section below. Stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such articles.