In Hindu Religion the month of Sawan is the holiest of them all. the spiritual and religious significance of this month is believed to be the most auspicious .it is the fifth month of the Hindu calendar whoever worships Lord Shiva in the holy month of Sawan is said to be bestowed with love light light peace and happiness for life. It is said if a devotee worships Lord Shiva in this holy month receives the same fruits of a person worshiping him for the whole year. So with the help of Kashish Parashar, Astrologer, Numerologist, and Palm Reader, we have put together a list of the right ways to worship him as per zodiac sign.

Parasher shared that "as per Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu goes in deep meditation for four months and Lord Shiva takes over his duties. Hence marking this auspicious time period to be full of extraordinary blessings. Lord Shiva is said to get easily pleased by devotees who worship him in Sawan especially on Mondays also known as Sawan Somwar. To reap the fruits of your worship to the most follow as per your zodiac."


Mangal being the Swami of Aries. You should make sweet offerings like honey, sugar, and sweet rice pudding to please the Lord faster. 


lord shiva worship one

Ruled by Shukra Dev this zodiac sign should offer milk products like curd and ghee to impress the Lord. 


Ruled by Mercury under the Lordship of Budh Dev offering Bel Patra and Red flowers to your Shivling can do wonders for your life. 


lord shiva worship two

Moon, the ruling planet of cancer. Cancerians should offer milk to Lord Shiva in order to get his blessings as it is very dear to him. 

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Ruled by Sun. To please Lord Shiva in the month of Sawan you should offer honey and jaggery to him. 


lord shiva worship three

Ruled by Mercury. Virgo should bathe (do Abhishek) Lord Shiva to get rid of all obstacles in life. 

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Libra should bathe (do Abhishek) Lord Shiva with milk, curd, honey, Desi ghee and offer sugar cane juice to receive the highest blessings. 


lord shiva worship four

Scorpio being The soldier should offer Red flowers to Lord Shiva and they will receive the blessings in full swing.

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Guru has been the deity of Sagittarius. They should primarily offer desi ghee to Lord Shiva along with sandalwood powder and yellow coloured clothes and flowers. 


lord shiva worship five

Ruled by Shani Dev Capricorn should offer mustard oil and sesame seeds to Lord Shiva to gain success. 

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This Saturn ruling planet should offer curd and raw milk to Lord Shiva. 


lord shiva worship six

Falling under the leadership of Brahaspati (Guru) the best way to please Lord Shiva is to offer him almonds, Bel Patra and yellow flowers. 

Lord Shiva blesses his devotees with long life, prosperity & wealth. Brings good luck, removes all sorts of problems and ensures a prosperous life for the entire family of his devotees. Wishing a very happy Sawan to all of Mahadev's devotees. May he bestow all his blessings on the world this sawan. 

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